Nervous Systems

Nervous Systems


A dash of independent pop music (re: C86), a lot of indie rock (pavement, the fall) and the occasional blast of droning keyboards.


So we're not pretty and we're not young but we think we write good songs. Too many bands are attempting to "make it," we're not. We don't have a goal to take on the world. We play music that we like to listen to. We play music for ourselves that we hope other people will like. Our formative years we cut our teeth listening to the Wedding Present, Shellac, Hood, Lungfish and a million punk rock bands.


7" Compilation for Gainesville Pop Mayhem with Que Possum, Citra Super, The French Horns and Nervous Systems. Our song is entitled "Married Housing."

Set List

Our typical set is 7-9 songs in length. We don't play longer than thirty minutes as none of our songs stray much further than the 3:00 mark with most well under. We've done a few covers including the Television Personalities "Part Time Punks" and the Jesus and Mary Chain's "My Little Underground."

Our last set list:
Nobody is Buried in San Francisco
Sleeping Arrangements
Sound Effects for Deafening Silence
Good Luck Motherfucker
All True Believers
Soft Weapons
Sometimes I Am A Verb