Nery Saenz

Nery Saenz

 Miami, Florida, USA

The perfect blend of sarcastic story telling and physical humor. A hysterical walk down memory lane... at 1000 m.p.h. From school supplies to dating, slumber parties to parental dilemmas, Nery's humor will have you laughing through out the entire night.


A tornado of sarcastic anecdotes and physical punch lines, Nery Saenz is a comedian everyone can relate to. Whether this Miami-based ball of energy is recounting failed first dates or childhood playground antics, his style of comedy will keep you reeling with laughter as you recall your own similar experiences.

The youngest of four siblings in a Nicaraguan-American family, Nery grew up watching his idols - Eddie Murphy and George Carlin - performing on stage, and that spurred his desire to pursue a career in comedy. As a child his imagination ran wild. He was always the class clown, imitating movie characters and staging his own "Blood Sport" tournaments in his bed room.

Nery got his start in comedy when he entered a local Open Mic contest in his hometown and made it all the way to the finals. His love of comedy and desire to make people laugh were cemented and he worked tirelessly to pursue his dream.

His hard work and dedication have made him a favorite at colleges and comedy clubs across the country. He was a finalist at the 2005 & 2007 "NBC Stand Up for Diversity" showcase as well as the "Maxim Real Men Of Comedy Tour" showcase and has worked with many of the top comedians in the industry.

Nery's style of comedy is unique in that, although he comes from an Hispanic background, he doesn't focus on that. His topics are relatable to anyone whether he's poking fun at relationships, shopping for school supplies, or "Saved By the Bell."

This powerhouse comedian's dynamic style will keep you laughing out loud while you nod your head and exclaim, "Oh my God! I remember that!"