New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Organic alternative jazz / rock featuring the compositions of trombone wizard, Rick Trolsen (formerly of Bonerama,) this aggregation dashes through a myriad of styles, hidden behind a fat New Orleans groove, undetected by the unsuspecting ear.


The music of Neslort pulls from straight ahead rock, middle-eastern, jazz, funk, as well as some group improvisations scattered in amongst the compositions. The music is fun, exhilarating, challenging, and new. It’s certainly not meant to be bac


"Neslort is clearly a band with no category, no time zone, no identifiable country of origin on its passport. And most importantly, as the band plays its impressive and innovative music, it does so without a whiff of pretense, and displays a keen sense of humor, lambasting authority, the status quo, and itself at nearly every turn."
~James Lien, CMJ Magazine

“…It’s somewhat reminiscent of the Jazz Crusaders, but the material they are playing shows influences of Bach, Don Ellis, Chick Corea, and Frank Zappa, along with the undeniable grooves of what one would expect of a New Orleans band. Throw in a bit of circus music and some spontaneous improvisation, and there it is, a new kind of Gumbo, called Neslort!” ~ Zircoff Mata

"...Ray Anderson meets Don Ellis meets Sun Ra!"
~Kevin Clark

Why does this experiment succeed where so many have failed? Because these musicians don’t want to do away with the form, they want to reinvent it and have fun with it. From start to finish, [Rick Trolsen] plays his trombone with deep passion and humor, with discernible influence from Thelonious Monk, Fred Wesley and Timothy Leary. Indeed be-bop, funk, and “free your mind” seem to be the three main elements here, but the over-arching principal is composition, Trolsen’s greatest gift.
~Jonathan Taback, Offbeat magazine


Blues For Man's Extinction

Written By: Rick Trolsen

Oil in the Gulf, Wetlands are sinking, Beaches are covered with tar
Mama Nature’s wrath’s, gonna cost us some cash, the price of the almighty car
All debts are paid, the bets have been made, just how long can we survive?

It’s really no surprise, how we’ve all compromised, the quality life we once knew
Making more demands on diminishing lands, eventually taking its toll
What’s it been worth, cashing in on the earth, spinning out of our control? (Never was in our control)

A tiny episode in the history of earth, a seemingly innocent birth
Humans came along, claiming right to all wrong, in need of divine luxury
The poor terrorized, the rich satisfied, a moral travesty.

War is everywhere, the glaciers are melting, Scientists poison our food
Ashes in the air, is it too late to care? What in the world can we do?
Nothing to fear, our extinction is near, and we still don’t have a clue!

Mystical Scam

Written By: Rick Trolsen

Mystified by fantasy, thinking it would set you free
First she’s there and then she ain’t, feelin’ just a little faint
Wonderin’ what this is you see, ain’t no normal fantasy
Now she’s got you by the balls, ain’t no place to run at all…..Nowhere

Are you losing your mind? Falling quickly behind.

Once you felt so very tall, didn’t ever see the fall coming
Piece by piece you fell apart, broken passions of your heart
Now you find yourself deceived, from that world of make believe
Gotta keep yourself on track, ain’t no ain’t no looking back…..Nowhere

From the sorcerer’s disguise, comes subliminal lies

Now you’ve paid a heavy price, just a toll of paradise
Hangin’ by a tiny thread, wonderin’ if you’ve got ahead
Could this be the only way, ain’t no time to hope or pray
Sanctified humility, Question your reality


Mystical Scam ~ Threadhead Records ~ 2010