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"CD Release Party – Nessa V at Fortune Sound Club, Vancouver, June 3 2010"

Nessa V played a CD release party for her debut Aché last Thursday night (June 3) at Fortune Sound Club. The Vancouver artist’s set veered from straight-up Top 40 mainstream dance tunes like “Show Me Watcha Got” and the sexy “Salty” to some more exotic tunes and performances drawing on the Canadian-born, Vancouver-based singer’s Brazilian heritage (Nessa V has also toured as a lead singer of Vancouver’s Aché Brasil). The full-on show included DJs, percussionists, keyboardist Jen Lewin, backup singers, capoeira (including some moves by Nessa V herself), feathered carnivale-type outfits and more costume changes than a Cher concert. - Gutter Snipe News by Shawn Conner

"Date and Venue 3 June @ 8pm | Fortune Sound Club, Vancouver"

What a charismatic young lady! It was an exciting launch, especially for friends and family who cheered her on as she sang with her Aché group of dancers and instrumentalists to launch her first CD she appropriately calls ACHÉ.

In the CD's jacket, she explains that "Aché" comes from the Yoruba language adopted in Brazil meaning "everyhing positive in the universe". She also thanks God, her parents and family for their support. I had a chance to meet some members of her family-- her siser Marina and her cousin Ana Paola who talked about how NessaV (a nickname for her real name, Vanessa) and how she grew up in a family of musicians. Her dad is a Capoeira Master, a musician and the Artistic Director of Aché Brasil, a well-know band that is featured in festivals around the world. We've reviewed this band's concerts in the past when they performed for MusicFest.

Her CD contains nine songs, and during the launch, she started off with "Show Me Whatcha Got", the best song, I thought, in the album because it had a Brazilian touch to it. This song was featured in the Entertainment section of The Province. She co-produced the CD with Randy Emata.

NessaV is Canadian-born and was raised here in Vancouver. She was trained in a variety of dance styles, including Capoeira, Samba, African and hip-hop. Capoeira is some form of Martial Arts but is more than that--it is dance, culture, music for the Brazilians. During the launch, members of the group gave a demonstration of this art.

In NessaV's music, we see all these influences, particularly in the songs in her new CD. She has her unique sound, although we could see a lot of influence from singers she grew up knowing: JLo, Norah Jones, Beyonce,Mariah Carey, etc. Fusion seems to be the style of today in music, and this eclecticism is reflected in her songs.

I had a brief chat with NessaV before she went on stage, and she was telling me how busy she has been with concerts. She just came back from a concert tour in Beijing, and when I asked her when her next concert was, she said she didn't know. There was just a lot going on and she didn't know what was coming up next.

Another star is born in our midst here in Vancouver, and I could see the strong influence of new Brazilian music in today's musical landscape. Just as we had Bossa Nova with Joao Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim half a century ago, today the Brazilian presence continues with new sounds and innovations.

There is a lot of promise with this young lady, and I am sure that she will eventually make her mark as an important international singing star in the near future.

Reviewer Ed Farolan
© 2010 Ed Farolan - Review Vancouver by Ed Farolan

"NessaV kicks it up a notch - Vancouver singer's music, martial-arts skills on display"

In the Yoruba tribal tongue imported to Brazil via the slave trade, ache translates as "the positive life force in all creation."
The word is near and dear to the heart of Brazilian-Canadian urban pop artist NessaV. Growing up in a performing arts family in Vancouver, she toured far and wide as a lead singer and high-kicking booty shaker in the capoeira percussion performance troupe Ache Brasil. Her debut CD bears the title Ache, too.

"I guess it's just a term that means a lot of really very positive things to me, in my life and in my career," says NessaV (a. k.a. Vanessa de Jesus). "Plus, it reflects my pride in my history, where I came from and the amazing experiences I had and all the encouragement I had from my dad growing up."

Her father, Eclilson de Jesus, is a master of the high-flying and dynamically acrobatic Brazilian martial art of capoeira. Under his wing, young Vanessa began both her musical and martial-arts training. Admitting that she probably first stepped into the road, or sparring ring, at age four, it wasn't until she hit a "tomboy" stage at age 10 that her training became serious. She didn't realize how fortunate she was at the time being schooled in the songs, percussion and rhythm styles of Olinda, Pernambuco, where her parents grew up.

Elements of these turn up in tracks such as the lead single "Show Me Whatcha Got" and its incredibly lively video where NessaV showcases her kicks, hops, ballroom and club-floor moves.

"That is a case of luck, with 70 or so volunteers including the award-winning dance crew N.O.N., professional stunt co-ordinators who are friends of my dad's who set up the wire work, the samba girls and we threw it all in," says NessaV. "A lot of people like the tango part, which was intended to be sort of an intimate fight scene."

A graduate of the McGee Secondary SPARTS program developed specifically for under 18s actively working and touring in the performing arts, she grew up being on the road months at a time, working on correspondence courses and receiving credit from her work in classes. It's a hard program to become involved in and they only take a limited number of students who all have to display one thing: Passion and talent.

"You also need to have, and maintain, really good grades to be in the program," she says. "From age 10, when I wanted to be Daniella Mercury, Mariah Carey and Alanis Morissette all in one, I knew that this was the life for me. I went to school, came home and my parents would have rehearsals in the house and the whole place would be shaking."

Working with Los Angeles-based producer Randy Emata, DJ Kemo and others, most of the album was recorded in L.A. The nine songs on Ache are mostly upbeat tracks that shout club. She says it's funny because she hardly ever goes out, but it's the kind of feeling she wanted for the debut. While the studio was an introduction to something new and a lot of hard work, she knows the stage.

"I will have the Brazilian percussionists, back up singers and dancers and probably a keyboardist to add up and embellish the backing tracks. In my genre, maybe it's more common to sing to the track, but I don't want to do that."

To keep the energy flowing positively, it needs to be as live as it can be.

NessaV CD release party

Where: Fortune Sound Club, 147 E. Pender St.

When: Thursday night at 8 Tickets: $10 at clubzone.comand Capoeira Ache Brasil Academy; $15 at the door
© Copyright (c) The Province

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- The Province

"NessaV absolutely optimistic about life - Singer's album aptly titled Ache, which means 'everything positive in the universe'"

NessaV always wanted to be a performer, and from a very young age she learned it all: singing, dancing and Brazilian capoeira, a traditional form of Afro-Brazilian dance that combines martial arts, music, and traditional instruments.

At the age of 10, the Vancouverbased artist started listening to pop music -- Mariah Carey, Alanis Morissette, Boyz 2 Men -- and took part in every talent show she could at her school, setting up her dance routines and singing her heart out.

She had found her calling. She dreamed of being a pop star.

On her debut album, Ache, being released tonight at the Fortune Sound Club, NessaV bridges her Brazilian heritage and the rhythmic bombast of her roots with the pop sheen of North America.

In a recent conversation, NessaV, who is now in her early 20s, told us what gave her the final push to create her debut album.

Q: Tell us about what really got you into making music.

A: At 17, I was involved in a car accident that changed my life. I was riding my bike, crossing an intersection, when a car ran the stop sign. That experience really made me think about what I wanted. If I was going to follow through with my goals and dreams, it would have to be all or nothing. I met Randy Emata, my co-writer/producer on this album and now one of my best friends. We clicked immediately. He conceptualized my dreams. For the first time in my life I was hearing out loud what I had been hearing in my head for so many years. Randy was the only one that could create a perfect Brazilian, hip-hop, R&B fusion. Ache has really helped me find myself and has helped me develop into the young woman I am today.

Q: How did your Brazilian heritage influence this album and what does "Ache" mean to you?

A: Growing up in a Brazilian home, not only was it Portuguesespeaking but it was very Afro-Brazilian influenced. I really enjoyed being around my family and growing up with all the music, all the rehearsals, training capoeira, dancing. Because of this I feel a very strong connection to my heritage, which influences my day-to-day life, my decisions and my album. The word "Ache" comes from the Yoruba language adopted by the Brazilian culture meaning, "Everything positive in the universe." To me, it is a way of life: to always think and be positive is what I strive for. I named my album Ache as I hope to spread positivity with my music.

Q: How would you describe the music you make? What do you hope people get from it?

A: The songs and melodies I listened to growing up, combined with North American influences, define who I am and what my music is: Canadian-Brazilian. I truly see music as life's sound-track. It can make or break a moment. I hope that my music can accompany people in their moments and inspire them.

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration?

A: My parents inspire me to constantly strive to be better and push the limit. My dad, a capoeira master, came from a poor background, off the streets of Brazil. His drive and determination for a better life inspired me.

Q: What are some of your influences?

A: Some of my musical influences include Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Marisa Monte, Carlinhos Brown, Olodum, Timbalada, Ivete Sangalo, Daniela Mercury, and many more.

Q: What do you hope to achieve with this record? What are some of your goals as a singer and performer?

A: As a singer and performer, I hope to tour around the world, sharing my music and positive message. I hope to give back to everyone that has helped and believed in me along the way. As someone who is part of the mainstream music scene, I feel that I have an opportunity for leadership and to be a strong female role model. I hope to inspire young women in many ways, to believe in themselves and believe in their dreams, and especially encourage them to participate in some kind of community support.

My family and I run a non-profit organization called "Love the Children of Canada and Brazil." We have an annual drive to gather used toys and clothes and personally deliver them to children in Brazilian slums. We have a long-term goal of opening a school and orphanage to get these children off the streets, provide food, shelter, arts and education. In Canada, we help to fund extra curricular activities for children from low-income families.

By Francois Marchand
© Copyright (c) The Vancouver Sun

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- The Vancouver Sun


Singer, songwriter and apparently Canada's only female capoerista, Vancouver's NessaV is set to release her debut CD Aché at the Fortune Sound Club June 3. If the title of the CD sounds familiar, it's because Nessa has been part of the family music group Aché Brasil here in Vancouver singing and showing off her capoeira moves. On Aché, which means "everything positive in the universe" in the Yoruba language of Brazil, Nessa blends hip-hop, samba and pop on the nine tracks she co-wrote and co-produced. Expect a sizzling night of buff bodies (have you seen those capoeiristas?) and sexy music. Show time is 8 p.m. Visit for tickets.

- The Vanouver Courier

"NessaV at Fortune Night Club"

We think it’s high time Vancouver got a Brazilian. A Brazilian-Canadian pop star, that is. NessaV might not be a star, yet, but it’s not for any lack of trying. The local singer, who has already toured the world as a member of capoeira performance ensemble Aché Brasil, will be celebrating the release of her debut album with a show at Fortune Night Club tonight (June 3). The aptly titled Aché is a slick showcase for NessaV’s radio-ready voice, setting it against hip-hop beats, R&B grooves, and a hint of samba. She even has a song about capoeira, called (can you guess?) “Capoeira”. Don’t be surprised if a jogo breaks out on the dance floor; just join the roda and try to look as if you know what the hell’s going on. - The Georgia Straight


Album "Aché" Released June 03, 2010!

Stay tuned for single "Girl Like Me" on Canadian Radio"

Check Out Music Video "Show Me Watcha Got"



NessaV Biography
Singer | Songwriter | Capoeirista

NessaV is blazing a path of her own in a genre that has yet to be defined, aspiring to fuse Brazilian and mainstream pop music the way that Gloria Estefan, Christina Aguilera, and Shakira
have done for their respective Latin cultures and heritage. She has dubbed it BRAZILIAN FUSION, and she is the pioneer. The music, people, and culture of Brasil are entirely too vibrant, fun, and positive to not have someone
representing their music to mainstream media.

NessaV is a Canadian-born Brazilian that grew up performing with her father and his group, Aché Brasil(a Brazilian music
and dance group that also specializes in the art of Capoiera). Having grown up in a household and environment where music,
performance, and creativity were such an integral part of life, it is no surprise that she is currently grabbing the reins and moving full steam
ahead with her own career. She has been performing in front of live and studio audiences since she was 8 years

NessaV... a gorgeous young woman who offers a strong, sexy, and impassioned live performance that will make the crowd
sweat for one song, and wave their hands to the next. Her music possesses an urban pop sound, with hip hop flavor and
R&B range, complimenting it with a sultry voice and soft delivery. Her upbringing in music and Afro-Brazilian
culture is evident in the beats, melodies, and rhythms of her original compositions.

On June 3rd, 2010, NessaV released her début album "Aché". Described by The Georgia Straight, "The aptly titled
Aché is a slick showcase for NessaV’s radio-ready voice, setting it against hip-hop beats, R&B grooves, and a hint of
samba." The word "aché" comes from the Yoruba language adopted by the Brazilian culture meaning “everything
positive in the universe.” NessaV thought it was fitting to choose “Ache” as the title of her first album due to her deep
belief in it as her philosophy and guide to her personal code of ethics and everyday decision making…