"I am looking to create a new Genre, a New sound that fuzzes edgy R&B hip-hop with exotic Brazilian Rhythms mean while keeping it mainstream." Nessa~V


Vanessa aka "Nessa~V" - Singer/Songwriter/Percussionist/Dancer/Capoeirista

Vanessa grew up in a musical environment, which allowed her to become a skilled multi disciplined performing artist. Her musical career began at the age of 5 with her first show at the Vancouver Play House as part of their Coffee Concert Series. Ever since then Vanessa decided that she wanted to be a performer. As she grew up she played an active role in Aché Brasil and studied Capoeira and Brazilian percussion. At the age of seventeen she was invited to be the lead vocalist for the group, allowing her to step out of the background as a dancer/percussionist and develop her talent as a vocalist. To this date she has traveled across Canada and the United States performing at all types of festivals for very diverse audiences.

Some of her recent credits include: The PNE, The Yale Town Street Party (2006 and 2007), the closing show at The Vancouver Jazz Festival, and Casa Verde Brazilian Carnival 2007. Other recent credits include: being featured in many music videos for groups such as the Rascals and Transfiguration. Her martial arts work has also her allowed her to be featured in the locally filmed television series Stargate and Electra, as well as some feature films. Vanessa’s credits also include live Capoeira demos for Much Music and Much More Music, as well as YTV, which were broadcast across Canada.

For the past two year Vanessa has been attending VCC and Douglas College in Vancouver working on formalizing her musical skills and honing her talent. She continues to teach Samba and train in martial arts. Thusly allowing her to create a unique genre:
A new sound that fuses edgy R&B hip-hop sounds with exotic Brazilian Rhythms.



Written By: Vanessa de Jesus aka "Nessa~V" and Cody Osborne

It’s dark inside this prison well, I’m looking for a kiss and tell
These golden shoes, this broken heart,

These empty arms, so torn a part

I lye awake my (these) tears are sworn

My Lover’s (luv’s) breath leaves me so cold

His Diamond’s (they) don’t have me

Pre-Chorus 1:

I with you but I’m alone

You want me here to wait at home

(You) Love me for the thought of me

Can’t buy my love for no Fantasy


NO! You don’t mold me
Don’t own me

Gold! It don’t show me
Or hold me

Sold! I an’t Crazy
(Don’t)Can’t play me

So! Your diamonds, (they) don’t have me SOLD……

Verse 2:

I’m looking at you, it’s black and white

This Broken Record ends tonight

I’m shinning through this game of two

no longer will I wait for you

A piece of me you tried to cage

My Sweet good bye on the page

Per-Chorus 1



No x3 don’t know me

No x3 don’t own me

No x3 Can’t hold me

Crazy lyic- Up an octave

(up an octave)
No x3 don’t know me

No x3 don’t own me

Lyic- Break- Pause-

Per-Chorus 2:

When with you but I was alone

You wanted me here to wait at home

(You) Loved me for the thought of me

But couldn’t buy my love for no Fantasy