Austin, Texas, USA

Balancing his production with Bass-oriented Dubstep, party-starting Electro-House, & Trap infused eclectic elements, there's no way to ignore the unique blend of EDM Nessex has released over the last


Nester “Nessex” Lee (born September 29, 1988 in Long Beach, CA), is an American electronic music producer, remixer, and DJ. Nessex was recently signed to Zombie Eater Industries, releasing most of his original production through the record label. He’s currently touring, while living in Austin, TX.

Since appearing on the Dubstep scene in 2012, Nessex has gone from genre-shifting to genre-bending and has established himself as a major player in the international electronic dance music scene. When first introduced to Dubstep, Nessex wasted no time creating his own unique style with pounding basslines and heavy, chest-hitting drums, along with a sound design featuring distortion & noise. He also made efforts to span the genre by crafting melodic songs featuring manipulated vocals & soothing deep bass tones.


MonsterFuck Party EP (2012)
The Remix EP (2012)
I Don't Give A Fuckstep EP (2012)
Where's Molly?! (2013)

Funk Daft ft. Via Rosa (2011)
Hulk Smash (2012)
Massive Reboot (2011)
Massive Reboot VIP (2011)
She Wants My Dick (2012)
Big Chocolate - American Head (2012)
Cutline - Let Me Go (2012)
Danzic - Bumbacrafts (2012)
Document One - Clap (2012)
Dodge & Fuski- Aerophbia (2012)
RAXIS - Manager Status (2012)
Rihanna - Skin (2012)
Regina Spektor - Blue Lips (2012)
SKisM - Experts (2012)
Xilent - Chose Me II (2012)
Zion I - Coastin (2012)