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Ness Lee

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In three words "The South's Greatest". I want to carry the weigh of hip-hop on my back, not just Southern hip-hop. "We ain't just about Chevys, look on any map and you will see that the South is already on it." Ness Lee


Over the course of the past 7 years, Ness Lee has firmly established himself as a versatile and dynamic songwriter and recording artist. This rapper/producer is a relentless performer and master of self-promotion. Selling more than 7,000 copies of his debut album, It’s Just Me, by hand and online, Ness Lee has proven himself to be one of the most visible, and hardest working independent artists on the Atlanta underground music scene as well as various internet music communities. His honest approach to his music, and his regular guy image, has endeared Ness Lee to all who have come in contact with him.

Born into a military family in Albany, GA, Ness Lee spent much of his early life traveling to various states. The military lifestyle afforded Ness Lee the ability to experience life from many different perspectives, and undoubtedly helped to shape him as a universal artist and incredible lyricist.

Ness Lee hit the scene hard at 16 battle rapping on Albany’s Hot 106’s “Who’s Got The Flavor” radio show. In 2002, Ness Lee took his skills into cyber space and his legend as lyricist continued to grow via his Soundclick page and

Ness Lee’s no frills sound and style as a rapper and producer have often been compared to Jay-Z, and Kanye West, and he has a soulfulness reminiscent of Curtis Mayfield.

Combining Soul with straight up Hip Hop, Ness has a strong desire to increase the artistic credibility of rap music through his musicality. He wants Hip Hop music to be taken seriously as an art form and not just viewed as a disposable pleasure.

Ness Lee is currently in the final stages of production on his long awaited 2nd project “All In A Day’s Work: A Southern Tale” where he has written some of the best songs ever and his flow has never sounded better.

“All In A Day’s Work: A Southern Tale” is scheduled to be released during the fall of 2007.


2003 It’s Just Me (V.I.P. Records)
2008 All In A Day’s Work (Soul Rush Music Company)