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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Pop EDM





In addition to being a singer-songwriter, Nesta! (exclamation point intentional) is a wellness coach, surfer, entrepreneur, and creator of the Let Love Rule Animal Rescue in Santa Monica, California. She’s so busy being a cool renaissance woman that you’d think that’d be enough, but you can add EDM artist to her list of accomplishments as well, as she’s set to release her new album Surrender on 6 October.

Yes, the music is as energetic as you’d expect, but Nesta! brings some much-needed lyrical depth to the propulsive, contagious tunes, as well as a charismatic voice that veers from passionate to playful. Led by the single “Better Now”, the album brings some welcome sunshine to early fall, and can be heard below, and be pre-ordered here. - Pop Matters

"Nesta! Exclusives"

"'Better Now' is based on my own experience and the realization that love is complicated. Even when there is so much love, relationships can be difficult and it is about asking yourself the question if you are willing to do what it takes to keep your love alive. It is about digging deep inside your self to allow that love to flourish and to hold on with all your might when you find that once in a lifetime love. It is about doing the work necessary on both yourself and the relationship in the hope that love can survive. More than anything it is about the very basic human experience of love and finding a way back to it, even when it seems hopeless because love it worth it...every time..." - Huffington Post


If you don’t already know her (we bet you do) — let us introduce Nesta! She is a quadruple threat! Yes — we said quadruple. She’s a singer, songwriter, surfer and animal lover — there is just no better combo than that, right!? - Pop Mania

"Interview with singer/songwriter Nesta!"

Electronic dance music artist Nesta! released her new single "Better Now" this week. The singer/songwriter will be releasing her new album Surrender later this summer. -

"Have You Had Your Fix Yet?"

This is the latest from Nesta! and represents her first single off of her forth coming album, due out late Summer. Written by Nesta! and Phynx, the duo have a powerful blend of hooky vocals and insane beats. Today, we are happy to share an original track entitled, “Better Now,” which is an upbeat, melodic Progressive House production complimented even further by Nesta’s beautiful vocals. Watch for this duo to be touring in fall and for the drop of their full length album. - Daily Dose Of Bass


Nesta is one of our favorite electronic dance music artists!
She is super adorable, bubbly and extremely funky as well!
She is a successful singer-songwriter who wants to make the world a better place. - Pop Mania


Girl crush alert!!! Not only is Nesta a kick ass electronic dance music artist — She also has a soft spot for animals!! On her days off from cranking out the tunes — Nesta is all about making the world a better environment for animals! - Pop Mania

"Surf Art and Music"

"I draw so much inspiration from the ocean and there are so many life lessons to be learned in surfing. Whatever you are feeling is instantly magnified back at you in the water so it reminds you stay grounded and really be aware of your own energy."... - Women's Surf and Style Magazine

"DIY Spotlight"

Nesta! is an incomparable DIY artist and a real dynamo. She's a singer, songwriter, wellness coach, avid surfer,entrepreneur, and passionate animal rescuer with her own non profit organization, Let Love Rule Animal Rescue. - Music Connection Magazine

"Burning Man 2013: The People"

Nesta Rae with her sidekicks Tracy and Melissa
Read more:
Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook - Rolling Stone Magazine

"Nesta Talks New Music & Working With Indaba Artists -"

Singer-songwriter Nesta has quite the connection to Indaba Music. Last year, users had the chance to remix Nesta’s song “Stay.” “I was completely blown away with the response from the Indaba community, and extremely impressed with the talent and the scope of music that came back from that contest,” said Nesta. And while it was indeed difficult to pick a winner, one remix stood out to her above the rest.

The winner was Freddy Emmet, a young producer out of Sweden who Nesta describes as “incredibly talented.” “I think the reason that his song was the winner for me was that it really resonated with my vibe,” she said of Emmet’s remix. “It had some of those European electronic elements, it still had some of that good California drive and beat, and I’m a California girl. It’s been an amazing experience because we’ve continued to work together and now we’re in to our seventh song together.”

Lucky for fans, they’ll now get to experience those songs for themselves. Nesta’s new album, Levitate, was just released on September 21st. The album features “Stay” as well as seven other brand new original tracks. The album also includes an appearance from Soular Order, another Indaba artist. Remix fans can also check out the single for “Stay”, which features eight different versions of the popular tune! Three Indaba users are featured on the single release, including Freddy Emmet, Chryzma, and Andrea Marras.

When asked about her experience working with Indaba Music, Nesta had only good things to say. “I think it’s inspiring for all of us because we’re all in the trenches every day trying to make this work for ourselves, trying to get our craft and our art out there, and websites like Indaba make it possible not only to collaborate, but to get those remixes, and get those songs, out in the world,” she said. Nesta, whose Northern-California roots have always given her a sense of community, is also a fan of how many EDM artists manage to work together. “I grew up going to a lot of hippy festivals, a lot of reggae festivals, and one of the things that I loved about that was that there’s such a community at those events. I think that EDM, the electronic world, has really captured that again for us and for our generation, has brought that back into the concert-going experience.”

According to Nesta, Indaba is one of the reasons why the EDM community is able to collaborate so well. “Indaba’s done a great job with the way they’ve set up their platform to really encourage artists to collaborate. I’ve worked with people all over the world, and not met them in person. I really appreciate that Indaba has stayed on the forefront on this trend of working remotely and has given us a really beautiful platform to do so.”

- See more at: - Indaba Music Blog

"The Nesta Rae Show at the House of Blues"

Next Friday, November 23rd, grab a good friend and your dancing shoes and head down to the The House Of Blues Foundation Room, located at 8430 West Sunset, to catch Nesta Rae and friends in action during a full band set.

Get familiar with the pop songstress herself. Download Nesta Rae's complimentary "Fly Free" here!

Los Angeles based vocalist Nesta Rae is a singer songwriter with songs based on a humble approach sounding like sweet honey flowing over rocks. Although her music is acoustic based, the arrangements go deep, culling from classical folk, jazz & pop, with her distinguished breathy vocals and dynamic melodies she commands the audience of the listeners she’s gained.

The seed of Nesta Rae’s musical career was sown while living in Chico, a small town in the heart of northern California.. Nesta was at her downtown boutique she owned when a friend of hers noticed her amp sitting in the hallway of her shop and asked her if she played. As luck would have it, that friend had a close connection with a producer in Nashville. After a quick correspondence she flew off to Nashville and recorded her album Fly Free.

Video: Nesta Rae Live at El Rey
Nesta’s passion is living life to the fullest. Life is too short so she lives to enjoy each day, every day. For Nesta, living life to the fullest means surfing, traveling, making new friends and writing music about her life experiences. She is passionate about not taking anything for granted and enjoying the precious gift of life.

Her musical inspirations include some of the most powerful women in the industry. Aretha Franklin, Joan Jett, Janis Joplin, June Carter and Etta James top the list. These women are strong and by not letting pre-conceived notions define them, they have overcome adversity and carved out lives that have paved the way for her to become the artist she has always dreamed of being.

The album is called Fly Free because that is what it is all about. Flying free of the restrictions and limitations you have put on yourself In Nesta’s own words,“It took me so long to believe in myself and feel like I could honestly chase my dream of making music. The songs are all about letting go of the past and moving toward the future with an open hopeful heart. “ Nesta has recently traversed an exceptionally difficult battle with her health which only galvanized her desire to follow her heart, follow her dreams, and fly free.

Nesta feels that the music industry is changing all the time and there is a lot room for artists to forge their own paths and really stay true to their style. She would love to travel and share the music and to collaborate with different artists across different genres and create fun, eclectic, inspiring music.

Head to Nesta Rae's homepage for additional details.

Doors are at 9 pm. Tickets are available for purchase here for $10. Otherwise it will be $15 at the door. - Los Angeles Examiner

"Greetings From the Playa"

This week we're rolling out an interview with the man behind World Music Festival and Worldfest as well as a recap of Burning Man. Photos featuring Pop musician Nesta Rae! - Synthesis

"Indaba Remix Contest For Nesta Rae announced"

Remix Nesta Rae's newest single "Stay" to win $1,000 and get officially released. -

"Rock the Runway"

The fashion-focused event held at The Clift Hotel in downtown San Francisco also featured live performances from Nesta Rae and iconic singer Kim Hill. - San Francisco Chronicle

"Rock the Runway"

The fashion-focused event held at The Clift Hotel in downtown San Francisco also featured live performances from Nesta Rae and iconic singer Kim Hill. - San Francisco Chronicle

"Sonicbids Hearts the West Coast"

Some artists’ songs just warm the soul. Take Nesta Rae, a
carefree surfer girl whose gorgeous acoustic songs make me think of
soaking up the sun on the beach, warm soda and bad sunburn and all.
That much Vitamin D just makes you feel good – and her songs are
the perfect soundtrack to that West Coast state of mind. - Sonic Bids Blog

"Nesta Rae: Flying Free"

Nesta Rae’s upcoming CD release show at the El Rey is something of a homecoming for her. Being a Chico alum and longtime resident of our fair city before moving to L.A., Nesta is returning to perform songs from her debut record, Fly Free. With a fun, beachy sound reminiscent of Jack Johnson and Sheryl Crow, this concert might be just the vibe you’re looking for to kick off the weekend. Synthesis caught up with Nesta Rae before Friday’s show.

Was music always a passion for you growing up?
Yes, when I was young my mom was always playing music in the house and I developed a love for everything from the blues and Motown to classic rock and folk. My mom always taught me the importance of each genre and the contribution it made to the world of music. My dad and I would rock out to Lynyrd Skynyrd and when I was in 6th grade he took me to see them live. It was my first concert and I remember just being in awe of the whole experience. I connected with music so deeply and for years I went to every concert I could get tickets to. I would go see anyone from Aaron Neville, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young to Keith Sweat, Bel Biv Devoe and Johnny Gill.

When did you decide to pursue a music career?
I guess in my heart I always knew I would pursue music. But it took me a long time to actually put everything else aside and completely focus on it. In 2009 I dropped everything and moved to Nashville to start writing and recording Fly Free.

Why Nashville?
I actually wrote the whole album and recorded it there. I got linked up with an amazing producer and after flying back and forth a few times for writing sessions I just decided to commit to the whole experience. The town eats and sleeps and breathes music and I really wanted to just be part of that energy. I grew so much in one year as a result of it.

Where’d the name of the record, Fly Free, come from?
Fly Free is symbolically what I did in order to create the album. I flew free of all the restrictions, the fear and the reasons why I’d talked myself out of following my dream in the past. Writing the songs was a period of self-reflection and self-discovery and realizing that it was time to give myself permission to let go of the past and soar towards the future.

The record definitely has a beachy, reggae-tinged feel to it. Was that the sound you were actively going for?
Absolutely. Reggae has been present at some of the most joyous times in my life. Being from Lake County, where the influence of Humboldt and Mendocino County were so strong, some of the first concerts I ever attended were Ziggy Marley, Maxi Priest, Pato Banton, Eeka Mouse, Steel Pulse, etc. When I graduated from high school I moved to Maui for a few years and reggae runs strong in the islands. So I definitely wanted this vibe heavily present in the album. - Synthesis

"Chico State grad Nesta Rae battles to keep her music flying high -" Page 1 of 4
Chico State grad Nesta
Rae battles to keep her
music flying high
By Jaime O'Neill - Correspondent
Posted: 11/03/2011 12:20:00 AM PDT
Given the vast number of CDs released each month,
it can be nearly impossible for new artists to gain
the attention of an ever fickle public. And, when
times are hard, as they are now, people have less
money and less time to devote to checking out
what's new.
Even people who work in the field cannot keep up
with the deluge, and the chance of a new and
emerging talent getting much media exposure is
pretty slim. A lot of talent gets buried because of the
sheer volume of talent. And though I have lots of
empathy for struggling musicians, not every
wannabe should be encouraged.
But Vanessa Lambert, who writes songs, sings, and
plays guitar under the name Nesta Rae, has got the
goods. With a bit of luck, we might be hearing more
from her in the future, especially if her first album
gets enough attention to put it over.
That debut album, "Fly Free," will be the focus of a
CD release party/concert at the El Rey Theatre on
Friday, Nov. 11.
Lambert, a 2005 Chico State University graduate, has
fond memories of Chico, memories that led her to
preview her CD here.
"I lived in Chico for seven years," she said, "and I've
got lots of family and friends in the area. Lovesick
Romeo, featuring Mike Comfort, will be opening for
me at the El Rey. Lots of people know Mike's music,
so I hope people will turn out. The power lies with
the people who are willing to come out and support
aspiring artists."
She had planned on debuting her CD months
earlier on June 24, but her
appendix ruptured. Leftover bacteria in her
abdomen formed five major abscesses and she was
hospitalized for about 15 days. After that, she had
to have IV therapy with antibiotics.
She still has one abscess that her doctors were
unable to remove and has IV therapy once a week.
"The road to recovery has been slow but steady,"
she wrote in an email.
After her appendix ruptured, Lambert was unable to
play music for two months, "but now I am obviously
back at it with hopes of a full recovery in the near
future," she wrote.
When I first heard the music back in April, the
music spoke for itself.. It's a solid set of mostly
upbeat pop/rock, all very professionally and
tunefully rendered. Though most of it was a little
youthful for an old guy like me, the music has its c
harms, and if I had heard any of the songs on the
album coming through my car stereo from a Top 40
or college radio station, I wouldn't have found them
outclassed by the stuff I usually hear there.
In fact, many of the tracks on this album are far
better than what passes for popular music these
days, all that over-produced and over-vocalized
stuff that seems ground out in a factory somewhere.
But don't take my word for it; check her website
( Or you can sample her wares by
going to Nesta Rae on iTunes.
Lambert now lives (and surfs) in Santa Monica,
though she spent some time living in Nashville,
where her CD was recorded with some of the best
session players in that town, which is to say,
Chico State grad Nesta Rae battles to keep her music flying high - Chico Enterprise Record 11/3/11 8:10 AM Page 2 of 4
Chico State grad Nesta Rae battles to keep her music flying high - Chico Enterprise Record 11/3/11 8:10 AM Page 3 of 4
anywhere. Her producer was Kent Hoopers (also a
Chico State grad).
She's keeping her day job for the time being, but
she has dreams of making a living making music. "I
just hope to have enough success with it so I can
have a lifestyle that allows me to express myself
creatively through my music. It seems unachievable,
but you strive for it anyway."
Show starts at 8:30 p.m., doors open at 8 p.m.
Tickets are $18-$22, available at
BELOW: The cover of Nesta Rae's new CD,
"Flying Free," is seen.
Contributed Photo
Chico State grad Nesta Rae battles to keep her music flying high - Chico Enterprise Record 11/3/11 8:10 AM Page 4 of 4 - Chico Enterprise Record


Surrender - Oct. 6, 2015
Better Now Single - July 21, 2015
Fly Free Remixes June 6, 2015
Stay Single- September 6, 2013
Levitate September 21, 2013
Fly Free - July 6, 2011



Nesta! is a singer-songwriter, successful wellness coach, avid surfer, entrepreneur, and passionate animal rescuer with her own non-profit organization, “Let Love Rule Animal Rescue.” A natural performer, Nesta! has been singing, writing, and performing since she was a young girl. With her dewey vocals and infectious melodies, she is a perfect collaborator for DJ’s and producers. Nesta! has found electronic dance music to be a niche in the music business that is a good fit for her both musically and energetically.

A talented lyricist, Nesta! communicates her feelings and emotions in an infectious manner that leaves her audience not only hearing the music, but feeling it’s message. An exuberant performer, her live show has been called “a little bit Cirque de Soleil, Burning Man, Rock n Roll, and a whole lotta fun.”

Professionally Nesta! has had the opportunity to play at some of Los Angeles’s most famous venues including: Whisky a Go-Go, The House of Blues, and most recently The Viper Room. Last year Nesta! brought the house down in Austin, Texas during the famous SXSW event at Amped Upstairs, one of Austin’s premier nightclubs. She has been awarded the prestigious Malibu Music Award for best pop song for her release Fly Free, and her music video Take Me was selected by the Idyllwild International film festival as the Best Music Video of 2014.

Nesta! has a wide variety of musical interests and her love for multi-genre experimentation has led her to release both electronic and acoustic music. Her ability to translate her songs in both genres has gained her a fan base that enjoys her diverse range of sounds.

Nesta’s latest project, an album entitled Surrender, set to release October of 2015, blends her musical diversity into an album that truly takes the listener on an adventure of sound. From its experimental introduction to its powerful hooks and drops, Surrender is an album for music lovers. It is this energy that led her to create her own record label called Lovie Records where you will find all three of her self released albums. You can find Nesta! on iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Beatport, and most major outlets.

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