Nester Class 5

Nester Class 5

BandRockHip Hop

Hip-hop music for people who like rock. High energy, danceable rock music with breakdowns and fast lyrics.


So this is where WE write something about how awesome we are, something like "This band brings something new to the music scene" or "Our Moms think we are great" (for the record our moms think that we are the best band of all time). This is where WE tell you that "we are the next big thing," and where WE make up somebody and how they wrote this awesome review about us. But you don't need us to tell you that, YOU can make up your OWN mind about us. Give us a listen or come to one of our shows, if you come to a show and are ready to dance and have fun, you will. Decide for yourself if you like us, not by us telling you that we are the best band to come around since O*Town.


Demo 2007

Set List

Binary Decision
Bulls on Parade (Rage Against the Machine cover)
(Language Arts if time allows)
Free Sample
Love Addict (Family Force 5 cover)

Normal Set (without Language Arts) runs about 25-35 min.