Chicago, Illinois, USA

Bastard-psych-pop-catchy as hell band that you’ve been searching for. Netherfriends are at the forefront of a new crop of artists focused on great songwriting and performance. This group is the amalgamation of experimental field recordings, solid pop melody, and vocal harmonies.


Emerging from the rooftops of Chicago in 2007, Netherfriends are that bastard-psych-pop-catchy as hell band that you’ve been searching for. They recently signed with indie label Emergency Umbrella. Their debut 6 song EP “Calling You Out,” fused heavily layered arrangements with group sing-a-longs, spare pianos, synths, glockenspiels and other hard to place, but familiar sounds. The three-piece psychedelic pop band grabbed some early spark and attention from places like Blender and RCRD LBL and have played at both SXSW in Austin and CMJ in New York City. Netherfriends features Shawn Rosenblatt (vocals, guitar, keys, samples) a freshly minted college graduate this spring, planning to put his education to use from the road. At the moment, he has many different individuals play live with him.


Feathers and Dots 7inch (Black and Greene Records) 2008
Calling You Out EP (Emergency Umbrella) 2009

Set List

35-40 min set list