Netherworld: Vampire Apocalypse

Netherworld: Vampire Apocalypse


Netherworld: Vampire Apocalypse offers a hard hitting, horror show unlike anything available today! Vampires are hot, and ours are as hot as they come. Heroic girl vampire fighting evil vampires, live onstage to a pulse pounding, orginal, Metal soundtrack played by a vampire band!


Formed in 2001, the Knights of Iron have performed in fron of over one million people since their inception. Netherworld: Vampire Apocalypse is the culmination of all of their talents in the worlds of music, stage combat, and special effects to create a horriffic world in which vampire hunt humans as prey.

The Knights of Iron have performed at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire, Kansas City Renaissance Festival, Bay Area Renaissance Festival, Sarasota Medieval faire, as well as many others.

Netherworld: Vampire Apocalypse has been seen by audiences at numerous haunted attractions, including Scaregrounds and Realm of Darkness, and was the headlining entertainment for the Trans World Haunt and Attractions convention's Vampire Ball.

Set List

The band in Netherworld: Vampire Apocalyse plays the soundtrack for the show, much as in any theatrical production. We do not play covers, or fill in music between sets.