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Vienna, Vienna, Austria | INDIE

Vienna, Vienna, Austria | INDIE
Band Classical Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Nutville by Netnakisum"


4 stars

Some albums arent easy to
review but in this case I can
console myself with the fact
that at least I dont have to
decide what category to file
it under. Very much the complete
package ...... from the name ( its the German
word for "traditional musician" spelt
backwards, you know to the playfully arty
poses on the cover screams "wacky"
yet for all its self consciousness, this is
an album of real depth. Nodding apprciatively
towards modern classical composition of the
more avant-garde persuasion. Netnakisum will
nonetheless roar off into a traditional
yodelling extravaganza at the drop of a goat
or equally unexpectedly turn in an aching
echoing take on Lennon and McCartney's
because that can stop clocks,

In some of my wilder flights of delerium I
like to think there is a parralel universe in
which the term girl band dnotes a group with
the witty omnivorous musicality of The
Mothers of Invention , played on cello, viola
and violins. Netnakisum is that band and
their chamber punk meets Kate Bush assault on
Britney's "Toxic"ought to be a number one
single throughout the civilised world.

Oz Hardwick

Rock N Reel April 2010 - Rock N Reel


Netnakisum Album 2007

Nutsville Album 2009

DAS GEHEIMNIS DER ALPENSTUBE CD "Secret of the Alpine Parlour/ and bonus DVD live album 2011

Much airplay and live radio performances



Netnakisum sprang to life in 2004 with the idea to expand their dance music repertoire with original self composed music, with a distinctly left field approach to music and to play concerts, ( lots of them !!)

Combining the roots of Austrian folk and classical music and with true originality in writing , this is Netnakisum.

With Hermann Hrtel jun. (1st violin), Magdalena Zenz (2nd violin), Marie-Theres Hrtel (viola) and Linde Hrtel (cello), the ensemble journeyed to Regen to the Drumherum Festival, to Brussels, to the Konzerthaus Wien and the Volksmusikmatrix , amongst many others Inevitably a cd followed , well it would it,in fact needed to in 2007 when the bands first album Netnakisum was released.

Performances within and outside of Austria followed
(Radiokulturhaus Wien, Porgy & Bess, Donauinselfest Wien,
Konzerthaus Wien, Orpheum Graz, Tollwoodfestival Munich,
Portugal, Ireland,) ... and now the world is ready ( almost )
for their second album Nutville was released in Autumn of 2009

Since then the trio as it is now have performed ( 2010 ) in China / Shanghai and Hong Kong .. Rome toured Ireland the UK , Germany , Italy and played in Algiers ... all of this in 2010 .. in fact in total the band have played over 150 shows in the last year alone.

in 2011 the band also played New York and Washington with further shows booked for Ireland , Spain , Sweden and the UK for 2011, also on tour from April 1st in Austria , Germany and Switzerland. Kenya.

This represents Netnakisum until now and we currently have touring plans for the USA and Canada in 2012. With agency support from Concerted efforts. Netnakisum currently have agency representation in the UK , Spain , Galicia, USA, France, Italy and Ireland. GAS countries.