Quebec, CAN

Nettye has that honest soulful Rock voice of the 70's similar to Stevie Nicks and and Joni Mitchel and newer artist such as Sheryl Crow. Her music is Alt Country and Folk Rock.
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Nettye Stamper is now releasing her second CD Almost There a long play. A follow up the CD Not Really BlU that was released in 2004.

As a performer she is dynamic and captivates her audience with a powerful yet sultry voice. Either with her band or alone with her guitar she commands the stage.


Purple stars (c) 2006-2007 This song will be available on the CD Almost There

Written By: Nettye Stamper

Left those purple stars down by the bay, a year ago so far away today,
i know your troubles seem so near, you just have to remember there's nothing here to fear,
you should know, you should know

days may be long but they will get shorter as the winter comes
what did you find at the turn in the road where you did run?
a summer storm is passing through your neighbourhood.
did you know?
I need your love.

Crawled into that space inside your head, reserved for days like these when it's all been said
wading by the river feeling light
waiting for something to make things right
I believe in you, you know i do

you tried to change what remained the same for far too long
now you hear a warmer wind that's blowing strong
a summer storm is passing though your neighbourhood.
did you know?
I love you so.

stayed up all night long
wrote you a song
so you would know
did you know?

all we found means so very much to me
all i want is to be where ever you would be
a summer storm is passing through your memory
you should know?
i love you so..

copyright 2007 all rights reserved


Not Really Blue EP Copyright 2004

Almost There LP Copyright 2014

Set List

Originals mostly

a few covers