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This band has not uploaded any videos



"This is another club jam!"

This is one of those tracks where you don't care about the lyrics except for the hook because it jams so much! The hook is very catchy, easy to remember, and makes you want to go out and buy some buttons (20" rims) if you don't already just to bump this song. I like the lyrics since they also include people who don't have the money to buy 20" rims or have a nice vehicle to put them on in the first place. - Brainwaves from

"Almost ready"

Catchy. And entertaining the lyrics are amusing and the beat made me move. It sounds like it could be ready for radio play with a few tweaks in the production.|pe1|SsjLPXjDivDybVC0Zm5hApkxIF-HfZ1uDNE - SMOOVDADDY from

"How refreshing is this CD?"

It was like a cool drink of hip-hop water in a dirty south desert. Living in Atlanta the only rap you hear on the radio is from the south, so when i popped The Netwerx in I was pleasantly surprised to heat beats that didn't sound like Manny Fresh or Lil John. rappers that didn't sound like the Ying Yang Twins or Trillville, These guys have a good flow and they are backed by some nice beats and samples. Boy it was nice not to hear "yea-hh) being shouted throughout each song. Hopefully The Netwerx will put vegas on the hip-hop map. - Unsigned Music Magazine april 06 issue


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Feeling a bit camera shy


Welcome To the NETWERX. Here we offer you the best in Las Vegas Hip-Hop. The netwerx isn't just a group it's a movement and we offer you a chance to enhance yourmind and grind with us.

The netwerx were formed By Brandon "Pro-Lyphek" Greene and Jimmy "James Flye" Foster, out of the need to have our own outlet to voice our creativity with no censorship, to stress black ownership, and to provide consumers with that "DIRTY NASTY NEVER CLASSY FUNK".

Our main objective is to create music that is real music. Meaning at times it can be emotional and thought provoking, at times it can be angry and controversial, still at other times it can be nice and fluffy or just great to dance to. We want to make music that is pure and that doesnt give credence to what the industry standard of money, hoes, and clothes.

Our secondary objective is to shed light on what is already a very desperate situation in our community. If you are a hip-hop artist there are no venues left to perform your music. Dance clubs that will play our genre
will not allow you to perform because while hip-hop brings in substantial revenue to their club, the owners dont like it.

The other problem is that the radio stations that would play local hip-hop like 88.1 which is supposed to be community based have even stopped. The larger radio stations will only play you if give in to payola in the form of large advertising dollars.

All this begs the question. What do you do if you do hip-hop but you cant find any love in your city. THe obvious answer is that you leave, to pursue your career elsewhere. If you make it, you never come back to pull anybody else in(see r&b group 702).

What is even more frustrating is when you write to a publication that is supposed to be pro-las vegas like city life., and offer to write an article on the state of hip-op for them. So that they dont have to tie up their writers, e-mail the article to the editor, make follow up calls, but never get any back.(e-mails and calls that is)

All these things and more fuel The Netwerx. For more details see the album or the web site.