Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, POL

Neurasja is largely a alternative folk band. It's a kind blend of narcotic trip hop, blues, ethno, jazz and alternative rock. Beautifull and clean, original female voice and well known alternative-jazz musicians from Poland.


Neurasja quartet was founded in Warsaw in 2009 by five friends - vocalist - Asja, guitarist Karol Czajkowski, bass player Wojtek Traczyk, drummer Hubert Zemler and Marcin Ciupidro.
It's difficult to put a label on the music played by Neurasja. Original, alternative rock songs, with sad, feminine lyrics in Polish. The 60s/70s sound is an invitation to experiment and improvise. Every note matters, as does the gradually built-up tension between the musicians. The songs sometimes take melodies, scales or rhythms from ethnic music, but that's just one of the inspirations alongside blues, rock, psychedelia, or minimal music.

In concerts, long spellbinding pieces are mixed up with shorter songs. Tribal drums, deep, vibrating bass, jazz-blues guitar, psychedelic vibraphone and piercing, suggestive vocals build a fairytale world.


Na Moim Ciele / All over my body

Written By: Asja

All over my body

All over my body still marks of your hands
In my lips still the taste of your neck
In my hair drops of storm melting me
Splattering since you’re not there

Your picture off me leached
Open wounds, open scratches, all of them
You not there
You not there
Not there


Neurasja / Neurasja, 2011
Neurasja / Live in Academia Theatre, 2012