NEUROMANTIK is a band from florence born in 2007. The band started from the beginning writing songs, inspired by 80s New Wave of bands like Joy Division, The Smiths & Depeche Mode.
After some valueless concerts, things started to work with the recording of the first official release (the "With a Knife" e.p.).
NEUROMANTIK took part of the Electrostatik vol.2 compilation, published by 272 Records from Los Angeles; recorded a live session for the tv channel Rock TV, suggested by its director; played on the most aspired stages of their city opening for world famous band such as These New Puritans and Rooney.
NEUROMANTIK are now working to develop their own sound, adding different influences to their music (from electronic dancy beats to extremly catchy melodies).
The band is recording new songs too and, of course, looking for a record label and the chance to play wherever they can.


Whit a Knife E.P. - 2008

Set List

Our typical setlist include from 6 to 14 songs.
We usually play our own music.
Sometimes we add one cover (in our own way) especially from the 80's.

-Cosa rimane
-Dreaming Confidence
-With a Knife
-The Hope
-It's no Home

Our setlist can change a lot everytime.
It lasts between 30 minutes and an hour.