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London, England, United Kingdom | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Metal Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Neuronspoiler Live Review"

“Neuronspoiler are a proper old school metal band. From their cool, calm and collected frontman JR and non-stop blur of Tim Barclay on drums to the absolutely mental hair and attitude of the rest. They ooze metal from their pores. They hit the stage with a bang, smooth deep vocals and screaming guitars filling Purple Turtle and making the crowd roar.”
- Jenni Wallace

"Alec Plowman"

“Vocalist JR has one of those rare things in metal music: a set of lungs that doesn’t sound exactly like someone else’s.”
- Powerplay Magazine

" review"

“…a genuine stand out number with the guitarists showcasing their seamless blend of classic metal (including some NWOBHM vibes evident) with thrashier influences, with the band demonstrating their skills on their chosen instruments…" - Blistering

"Erika Wallberg"

“Neuronspoiler has managed to write five really catchy and groovy tracks, great musical skills and very nice song structures… there’s absolutely talent in this band.” - Metal Temple

"Glann Milligan"

“A five tracker which reminds me of classic metal a la Dio & Iron Maiden. Singer JR has a voice that reminds of Ronnie with elements of Hetfield & Mustaine. Good stuff!” - Metalliville

"Neuronspoiler certainly don’t do things by halves!"

“Soaring vocals, big guitar solos and plenty of shredding along with drum rhythms so fast they literally take your breath away, Neuronspoiler certainly don’t do things by halves!” - Room 13

"Matt Dawson - Sonic Shocks"

“For fans of the old school styles of metal crossed with a bit of thrash a-la Megadeth, Neuronspoiler are going to be one of the bands to listen to this year.” - Sonic Shocks

"Radio airplay in N.Y."

“Neuronspoiler are one of the best new bands, I have ever heard” - Mike Catricola – The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show

"No One's Safe"

“Freewheeling, flamboyant guitar solos combine with soaring vocals, catchy rhythms and pounding drums to create something that just works. And works very well.”
- Zero Tolerance Magazine

"Malcolm Dome - Classic Rock"

“This multi-cultural quintet, based in London, have one thing going for them on the five-track CD No One’s Safe: they can really play, there are some truly rich passages of guitar interplay. This alone gives the band a cachet.” - Classic Rock Magazine Blog


No One's Safe - 2010



Neuronspoiler’s five members come from five different countries across three continents. From their very different backgrounds, each was drawn to London as the place to find their way in music. Now guitarists, David del Cid and Stanley Long; bassist, Erick Tekilla; drummer, Tim Barclay; and singer, JR are ready to ignite the British rock and metal scene with their unstoppable musical fire.

The band’s sound combines the fist-pumping strength of heavy metal, the taste and feel of classic rock and the headbanging precision of thrash. Their brand of no-rules heavy metal finds the perfect balance between the traditional and the modern.

Their debut EP, No One’s Safe, produced by Misha Nikolic (Mike Terrana, John West), was released in November 2010. It received incredibly positive reactions from fans and critics, with Malcolm Dome of Classic Rock Magazine tipping it as one of six self-released records that could have “transformed your lives… within 12 months.”

However, Neuronspoiler’s greatest strengths become apparent on the live stage where they unleash an exciting, frenetic and unforgettable performance every time. Since forming in 2009, they have played to and converted many British crowds and now they have their sights set on Europe.

Neuronspoiler don’t care about trying to be faster, heavier, sicker or drunker than anyone else. Passion for music is their driving force, and their aim is to excite that love in all who hear them.