3 musicians together forming great music without being swayed by the trends. Honest music, with honest lyrics about real things. Dynamically varied to the extents that only appreiciation can be shown for toward our creative togetherness.


Neurosync was a project created by a lone Jayson Franks from his bedroom. With only his instruments, a pc and freetime at hand he began writing and recording what would become his first album "Directive:16", consisting of 18 tracks of a diverse sound fractured with many different styles and textures, and unconventional drum patterns and lyrics from the heart. Many musicians later (including Mark McKay formerly of Sakurai), Jayson has now teamed up with bassplayer Hazel Dean, and newly aquired drummer Andrew Ford (Formerly of The ZeroPretties), to perform and realise Jaysons musical visions live. They are set to become one of the most dynamic and exciting bands to come out of England in a long time.


16 track Album - "Directive:16"

Set List

Currently in progress of arranging it all together.