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Redondo Beach, California, United States | SELF

Redondo Beach, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter




"Neva, Making it Happen"

Starting in her hometown of Saratoga, California, at age 12 in a small coffee shop, Neva began performing on her own. Playing a mixture of her own written songs along with a few cover tunes, Neva started and just never stopped. The Truckee local’s exposure to music started at a very early age, sitting through nightly practice sessions of her parents’ band that persisted through what seemed to be all hours of the night.
     These days singer, songwriter Neva enhances the local music scene with her soulful voice and positive, outgoing character. These attributes, which linger in the hearts of her audiences, are the cornerstone of her performances. Playing locally for about three years now, Neva works with uncanny diligence towards a lifetime dream of being a professional and successful musician. After a year-long process of writing, recording, traveling, mastering, Neva completed her first professionally mastered CD containing six of her original songs, and celebrated its release this past December at Bar of America in Truckee.
     The “unreal” moment she finally held her album, titled “One of These Days,” in her hand, she realized that “now the actual work has started.”
     Neva usually performs solo with a single red spotlight, her guitar and a small table containing stickers, business cards, a mailing list, and her monthly quarter-flyer of shows. Often, you’ll find her dog Jessie outside patiently waiting for a kid to give a pat or rub.
     Along with her original pieces, which, according to her brother are like “epic journeys” carrying the audience through love, loss, pain and ultimately empowerment, Neva also performs a vast array of cover tunes ranging from Radiohead, Janis Joplin, Jason Mraz, Alicia Keys, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash and sometimes even a little bit of Eminem to spice things up a bit. “Thank you friends, thank you friends,” she’ll often say between pieces, with a smile that comes from her eyes. “My name is Neva.”
     Her Earliest performances were greatly influenced by her Jazz choir experience, and she attributes a lot of her success to her choir teacher of the time, Ms. K. Her favorite album of all time is “The Bends,” by Radiohead, but her most profound musical inspirations reach far beyond the conventional form of peer, straight into the heart of music itself. “I’m just inspired by music in general. By the relationship between notes and chords, between melodies and lyrics, ‘cause that’s all (life) is, a relationship between one thing and another.” She continues, “A ‘C’ chord is one thing, but with an ‘A minor, it’s something totally different.”
     Moving back to Truckee in 2007 for the second time after two years in L.A, Neva buckled down and focused her ambitions on promoting herself, seeking to make her music her primary means of income. Just out of a relationship, with time to contemplate her life and situation, she decided that “(Music) is what I want to do, and no one else is gonna make it happen for me.” Usually working two or three Jobs, Neva was no stranger to hard work, so it was really just a matter of focusing that energy into one place.
     With a history at Bar of America and the Pastime Club, Neva re-established her local fans and expanded from there to venues such as FiftyFifty Brewing Co. in Truckee, The Northstar Village, the Auld Dubliner in Squaw, The Embassy Suites Hotel in South Lake Tahoe, The Tahoe Biltmore Lodge and Casino in Crystal Bay, and more. In the summer of 2008 Neva opened for Maceo Parker and Del Castillo at River Ranch, and for Montana at the free concerts in the Truckee Regional Park event. ??     Neva recently put together a band, and after months of practice, the band accompanied her during the CD release party. Lead guitar player, Drew Campbell, bass player Tom Barnes, and Mike Medrano on drums are her current members. “The band is really starting to come together” she insists, “especially when we hit the three-part harmony.” You can catch the band in Fe - Moonshine Ink


'We're Alive' Single - KTKE 101.5
'One of These Days' album released Dec 2008



Often we find that our most meaningful creations come from a combination of simple ingredients. When you mix raspy vocal grit with melodic guitar hooks, catchy pop vocals and intriguing lyrics, you begin to tap into the unique sound that is Neva. 
Born into a musical family in the small town of Saratoga, CA., Neva began playing guitar at the age of 9 and performing at just 12 years old. It was with influences from Motown, Metal, Hip Hop,and Folk along with classical vocal training, that Neva's Indie/Pop/Rock style emerged. Emily Rademacher from Moonshine Ink recently described Neva's songs as "epic journeys carrying the audience through love, loss, pain, and ultimately empowerment," that usually end in a playful smile and a humble 'Thank you'.

Currently based in Southern California, Neva is touring relentlessly in support of her debut album One of These Days while working in the studio recording the anxiously awaited follow up CD exploring more reggae and urban beats.
Along with her passion for music, Neva avidly supports ecological responsibility and has an all "green" merchandise line from CD's to sweatshirts.

Respected as a solo acoustic artist, Neva also leads a talented band to represent the strength of her album and enhance the dynamics of her already vigorous sound. She has shared the stage with such artists as The Wailers and Maceo Parker and continually attracts new fans with her bohemian style and universal appeal.
Highlights already generating buzz from her second album include the infectious reggae stylings of 'I am I,' and the heartbreaking piano ballad, 'Bring you Down.'
From the music to the merch, Neva truly is in it for the greater good. Stay tuned in at