Nevada Pilot

Nevada Pilot

 Leederville, Western Australia, AUS

A distinctive folk-hop/countrified rock mix, think Neil Young meets Beck or Nirvana doing MTV with a beatboxer. Maybe an acoustic guitar and a rhythm thumped on a pizza box, a dry walk through heartaches. Loops, words, melodies, found sounds, universal stories.


Nevada Pilot is the solo project for Australian artist MJ

Nevada Pilot is an honest-to-folk exploration of melody and meaning, lo-fi hip-hop loopings, and shiny things. Influenced by both past and future masters, from Neil Young to Beck, from Nick Cave to Bjork , from Nirvana to the bit crusher, Nevada Pilot
makes music now.

A wide-eyed cloud-high test pilot of the genuine hoping to bring something back to share.

The first recorded project for Nevada Pilot is under construction at the secret airbase run by Empire of the Sun's Luke Steele. Two pre-production demos are available for listening now at the Nevada Pilot Facebook Page:

"a unique aesthetic of character, genius but frank, wild but subdued,
a voice which tells a million stories" -Luke Steele, Empire of the Sun.



Written By: MJ

Got a cold fire on the inside
Got a cold fire
Makes my head ache, makes my limbs shake.
Makes my heart break
I'm on hold now. I've got to lay it down
I've got a dead line, an engaged sign.
I've got to lay it down.

And you say boy think I'm taking down my colors.
I think I'm gonna leave some other girl to shoulder this rock.
And if you ever find another, you can tell her that I loved ya
But I wont be back.