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Columbia, MO | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Columbia, MO
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Metal Black Metal




"The Black Flame Scorches"

“9/10 - Now I know what all the Nevalra fuss has been about, as it appears their ascension to the black metal throne is imminent.”

“If there be a such an animal as a heavy metal hit, it would look and sound like Descend and Die. A march of sorts, its a fierce piece of wizardry.”

"Orchestrated by the high priest, Scott Eames, The Black Flame lives up to the hype and then some."

“There is nothing meek or meager about The Black Flame, and part of the appeal is the polarizing exclamation point that it is. Fringe metal fans won’t have the sack for it, but those with the stones and a keen ear will delight in this masterpiece.”

“Hailing from the Midwest, there is nothing laid back and wholesome to be found here. Nevalra is blood-curdling shrieks of horror and deep slices of aggressive riffage that shake the black metal world with ferocity and fire.” -

"MetalSucks Top Fifteen Metal Albums of 2015"

"Nevalra are a three-piece from mid-Missouri who remind me a lot of Behemoth with some high shrieks that would give even Trevor Strnad the chills."

"Nevalra are the black cloud in the sky over mid-Missouri and hopefully they’ll keep it that way because there are far too many bright colors in Columbia."

"Vocalist/guitarist Scott Eames’ shrieks need to be heard in person to be believed because what you hear on recording is exactly how Eames, and the rest of the band sound live." - MetalSucks.Net


Still working on that hot first release.



NEVALRA started in 2013 originally as multi-instrumentalist Scott Eames' project. As things progressed, NEVALRA grew from  a one man band to a full lineup; thus bringing NEVALRA out of the Studio and to the Stage. In late 2013 the band released their debut single "VRIL" followed by a series of promotional singles entitled "Terror Throne" (via Lyric Video), "Descend & Die" (via Music Video) & the acclaimed "Groom Lake" (via Lyric Video). All singles were contributions to the EP release "The Black Flame"; which was included at #6 on the TOP Metal Albums of 2015 among the likes of Lamb of God, the Black Dahlia Murder, August Burns Red, Abigail Williams & others. NEVALRA has been tackling a relentless Tour schedule ever since and is out to conquer even more territory with Tours set for both inside and outside the USA.

NEVALRA is currently Endorsed by B.C. Rich Guitars, Randall Amps, EMG Pickups & Spectraflex Cables; home of the Scott Eames Signature Series "TERROR-Flex" Guitar Cables. NEVALRA is hard at work on their upcoming full-length major label debut.

“Now I know what all the NEVALRA fuss has been about, as it appears their ascension to the black metal throne is imminent” -

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