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Never A Hero @ The Underworld

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

Never A Hero @ O2 Academy 2 Islington

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

Never A Hero @ EP Release

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Definitely a name to look out for. Go and see them before they're massive so you can say "I saw them before they were massive". It's only a matter of time before they get noticed, and when they do, everybody will know about it!

- Art & Soul

'Daisy is a great drummer and we are proud to have her as part of the SJC family' SJC Drums' - SJC Drums


"From Heroes To Angels" Release Date: Jan 2010
"Diaries From Rehab" 2010



Identity is a hard thing to protect nowadays. For some reason everyone seems to know everything about everyone. This happens to be a big pet peeve for the guys (and gal) of Never A Hero. No-one seems to know much about these fellow misfits, from the faces under their masks, to the date that they formed and that's how they intend to keep it.

‘There were originally two main reasons why we chose to hide our identities with the masks,’ Toby C - Lead guitar and Vox - confesses. ‘The first is that there are so many bands out there nowadays who cloud themselves in their ego and we're sick of it. It's all well and good that they're loved by their fans but it's very hard to go back to regular society once you hit the top. It sickens me that we live in a world where secrets can't exist anymore.’

Quite an understandable point seeing as each member has been through hell and back with their previous bands/projects.

All is not dark and dingy in the past however as all 5 members (made up of Mr White - Decks/Samples/Vox, Daisy Lai - Drums & Percussion, KB - Bass/Vox, Mickey Thin - Rhythm guitar/Vox and Toby C - Lead Guitar/Vocals) have quite impressive achievements under their belts including such feats as: Playing a number of music festivals ranging from 200-5000 people, playing a number of gigs for the Camden Barfly, headlining a sold out gig at Astoria, coming in the top 5 for the worldwide song of the year competition a few years back and receiving the President's pick for the best unsigned artist earlier this year.

NaH had to say a sad farewell to DJ/Vocalist Mr White for reasons that are shrouded in mystery. Thankfully, Mr White has decided to make a return after his well needed break, meaning that NaH will be hitting the touring circuit once more towards the end of the year. With their EP ‘From Heroes To Angels’ to be released in the not too distant future, a debut album doesn't look too far on the horizon.

After deciding to follow a new direction in their song writing technique, NaH now have a strong 4 way vocal attack, decks and a rock based, hip hop fuelled, funk tinged sound that would make bands such as Incubus and Linkin Park proud.

‘The second reason of wearing these masks is to make ourselves feel like superheroes. Superheroes are a great inspiration to us because they do a great job while their alter egos sit back with no applause, no congratulations, just the feeling that they have done their job. That's how it should be. Superheroes don't have big egos and neither do we,’ says KB.

The five of them form NaH but they are all very different and contribute different things to the group. First up let's talk about Daisy the furious, but feminine SJC endorsed drummer who hides away at the back of the stage. Daisy may look like sweetness and light but she packs a punch and creates the hard hitting and impressive drum beats that contribute so much to the NaH sound.

We can't forget to mention Toby C, the voice of NaH and the lead guitarist. Toby's voice is the cornerstone of the NaH sound with his harsh but beautiful tones - also endorsed by PRS Guitars and Rotosound Strings - his harmony based fast fingered lead will always leave a mark.

Next up we have Hartke endorsed KB - the bassist - a calm and reserved guy who lets his musical talent speak for himself. Providing some truly awesome bass and backing vocals makes KB an essential and impressive part of NaH.

Mickey Thin is a great asset to the NaH vocal combination as well as dominating the rhythm guitar. Mickey's amazing voice can be heard throughout the EP providing a gentle contrast to Toby's more aggressive singing style.

Last but not least we come to Mr. White who has recently rejoined NaH after a short time away. Mr. White is the force behind the decks and helps recreate the hard hitting and multi-angled sound that NaH have achieved on their EP as well as occasionally supporting the vocal attack.

So you've read this... Now you need to hear it. With the EP to be released with a tour to support it later this year, make sure not to miss out on what could be an experience you will never regret. For these misfits may never be heroes, but you can be assured that you will never be disappointed with the music they produce.