NeverBetter is a five-piece rock band built with the passion for solid, authentic music. Success is in the heart of the group, and each member strives for it in music and everyday life. With soulful lyrics, catchy melodies, and driving instruments to boot, NeverBetter is taking the world by storm.


In late April of 2006, after the demise of their former band, guitarist Eric Fleming & drummer Boogie decided to continue their pursuit of a band that could make it to the next level. Fleming contacted vocalist Aaron Fisher who, at the time, was performing solo at local pubs. Fisher quickly replied and cancelled all of his remaining shows to focus on this new project. A few months later, Boogie contacted his multi-talented friend and former bandmate, guitarist/vocalist James Hall to see if he would be interested in a jam session. Hall agreed & brought along bassist Jeremy Masters. In the summer of 2006, NeverBetter was born. Now, a year later, NeverBetter has played numerous local shows and has begun to establish a fan base. In the process, NeverBetter has become one of the bigger-drawing rock bands in their hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. The band has received media promotion from Rock 93.5 (Columbia, SC) for several live events; also, the band has placed in the top five in all statewide competitions entered thus far. In an area where Metal, Country and R&B are heavyweight contenders, NeverBetter is breaking the mold, proving to many that they are worthy of becoming the next big thing to rise from the Columbia music scene. Rather than targeting a specific group of people, they construct their material for everyone to enjoy. As a result, NeverBetter's fan base is about as diverse as they come, with fans ranging in age from teens to people in their 50's. When their debut album is released, word will spread even further and its gravity will attract even more listeners. Until then, spread the word... NeverBetter is coming!



Written By: Copyright © 2007, Neverbetter

I temporarily lie - a plan that’s just your size - bitterness flows through my veins and brings me to this - I don’t think I’m alright - watch me as I cry - you took my life - miles away you bury me - I never once let you in after when - I only wanted to find myself inside - I hurt so bad inside - arrogantly fine - it’s all for show - I’m too proud to let you know - I never once let you in after when - I only used you to find myself inside - why’d you bring me to this - I never once let you in you’ll never understand - I only care about myself care about myself


Written By: Copyright © 2007, Neverbetter

from day one for now on living as though I don’t belong - how shallow I’ve become - last in line no one to find - embracing myself for a new design - with nowhere left to run - on my own - all alone - do you blame me for everything - do you really even care - I’m hollow I’m empty I’m scared to death - will I make it on my own - I’ve messed things up too many times - that’s why I’m better off left behind - rebuild and then move on - do I deserve a second chance - trust is a lie told in advance with nowhere left to run - it’s too hard to understand - and no drugs will kill the pain - hidden deep inside of me - just make it go away - do you blame me for - I’m hollow I’m empty I’m


Written By: Copyright © 2007, Neverbetter

am I awake - cause I am barely even breathing - is this a mistake - I’m sure that I will find another - our love’s an elevator walking up the stairs - every single time I let you down you’ll find another reason to hold me even closer - I need to find my way - just let me out for now - I’ll see you around - hey… this is the breakdown (I just want to get out again) - hey… as selfish as it sounds - insecurity will bring me right back to your door - believe me - this is not what I had planned for - hey… this is the breakdown (I just want to get out again) - hey… as selfish as it sounds - wait… you’re turning it all around - hey… I just want to get out again for now - I’ll see you around


Written By: Copyright © 2007, Neverbetter

my life - our home - I trusted you - but you let go - was he better than me - lie - sick - this is my last regret and I hate to admit that I need to mend - you’re tired of my ways and I’m sick of your face - you claimed that you loved me - lie - my heart won’t mend - and now that you’re gone it still feels like you’re here - it’s making me bitter just like you - don’t look at me I don’t want to see your face - but don’t turn away - is that your best excuse - go ahead lie to me - the things you never see - you fucking bitch.


Written By: Copyright © 2007, Neverbetter

through the years since you’ve been gone - all I have are memories that will live on - my emotion is bleeding here without you - and all the time we’ve had - but we weren’t through - and I have lived through this - you can’t replace this - life was taken before your time - but I will keep you in so you can still live here - witness life through my eyes - without you I wouldn’t be here - I wouldn’t be on this stage with all the hands in the air - and you know how I always looked up to you - and all the time we’ve had - but we weren’t through - free to wonder - search to find all you ever - drop


Written By: Copyright © 2007, Neverbetter

blood - government, the power and the greed - why can’t people see the third degree - they’re starving your precious family - slave, work your hands to the bone - struggle to make it on your own - and this is our home, a place we won’t ever even own - the highest knowledge distorted and polished so that we’ll never see (it’s not worth it to breathe) - the innocent starving - there’s mothers crying and babies dieing in their sleep (they will die/blood) - we are affected yes we are affected - we just can’t see society’s subliminal vaccine - lies told to keep us sane - all fine print is the same - it takes you in vein and then you’re stuck to take the blame - war, trained to wave the flag - to never ever look back - they said to attack - mom I’m coming home in a body bag


...Still Feels Like You're Here (self-released 07/07)

Produced by Drew Leclair & Neverbetter
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Drew Leclair
Mastered at the Jam Room, 201 S. Prospect Street, Columbia, SC
Art Direction and Design by Scott Moore
Photography by Caroline Hall and Lora Wells (Nichols Photography)
Manufactured in the United States by Disc Makers (Pennsauken, NJ)
Management: Tony Byroads (

All songs written and arranged by Neverbetter
Copyright © 2007 Neverbetter. All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.

1. I *
2. Close My Eyes *
3. For Now *
4. Outspoken *
5. Empty *
6. Subliminal Vaccine
7. Witness Life *
8. Common Day Tragedy
9. Just a Whisper
10. Wasting Your Time

Set List

We have enough original material to play a 60 minute set.