Never Die

Never Die

 Eureka, California, USA
BandHip Hop

NEVER DIE brings you hard hitting music that represents humboldts original style with lyrics that are intellegent ,and songs that are REAL LIFE .Never Die has songs for those who love to dance and party but also covers more complex topics such as politics,poverty and. history


NEVER DIE was formed in September 2009 by two Humboldt County CA.Hip Hop vets Kyzer-J aka (Chavez) from the Lower Class Alcoholics and Hiway from Thic Family. getting a slow start but eventually finding a producer (b Wonder) that fit theyre style. These two make every effort to make great music to not only party and dance too, but hard hitting music that covers many diverse subjects from politics to poverty. Still keeping true to thier roots as artists who grew up in a small community where the economy is fueled by marijauna Never Die is one of Humboldt Counties Elite Hip Hop groups.Never Die is constantly practicing and performing to keep thier stage show one of the most uptempo and entertianing live performances in the northern Ca. area. Both artist have been performing on stage as a group and solo acts in and out of Humboldt County sharing the stage with the likes of Potluck,Bone Thugs n Harmony,Ishi Dube, Devin The Dude, RBL Posse ,Tech N9ne,Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun,Big Scoob, Glasses Malone,Slaughter House,Stevie Stone,Tha Jacka,Warren G, D12,Tha Dogg Pound , Ill Bill,Sabac Red, Sean Price, Celly Cel, Too Short, Moonshine Bandits,N2Deep,Dru Down, Andre Nickatina, Smoove E, Equipto,Planet Asia, Haji Springer, Sunny Ledford,Empty Mind, Gritsitory ,The Resonators, Haystack, Spice 1 ,and countless more mainstream and underground artist.


Never Die debut album Sundays In The Lab will be released early 2011 .with features from Sabac Red,Ishe Dube; and more.

Kyz J & Hiway can also be found on these other albums ...

Kyz J ( Lower Class Alcoholics) -Trashed

Kyz J (Lower Class Alcoholics) Bottom Of The Bottle available @

Kyz J (Daimondback Ent.) Humboldt Storms Vol.1 Torrential

Kyz J and Hiway( Daimondback Ent.) Humboldt Storms Vol 2 Purple Plague

Hiway (Hiway) Cause and Effect

Hiway (Hiway) Wayhi Certified Vol.1 available @

Hiway (Hiway) Wayhi Certified Vol.2 available @

Hiway and Kyz J (Hiway) Wayhi Certified Vol.3 R.T.I. available @

Hiway (Hiway) Wayhi Certified Vol.4 available @

Hiway (Underground Hustlin Volume 5)

Hiway (Underground Hustlin Volume 7)

Hiway (The Dirty Rats) Kill the Dead Horse

Hiway (GMG of The Dirty Rats) Lord of the Bings

Hiway (Kush of The Dirty Rats) Green Thumbs and Cauliflower Ears

Hiway (Ink The Ill Scene Illustrator) BULLETT EP

Hiway (Thic Man Presents) Thic Family Mixtape vol 1

Hiway (Thic Family) Family Crest

Hiway (Alliance Music Group) MasQuerade

Hiway (The Emerald Hustle Compilation )

Hiway (Acufunkture) Acufunkture

Hiway (Big Slack) Pick Up the Slack vol 2

Hiway (Big Slack) The Wake Up Call

Kyz J has had some radio notoriety on local radio station KJNY 99.1 with his other group LCA overwhelming request landed several songs in regular rotation.
Hiway has also had some radio notoriety on KJNY 99.1 and 106 KMEL, Hiway is the only local artist in Eureka,CA to every make the top 10 on kjny 99.1 beating out Lil Wayne and Drake placing 3rd on the charts with his song “In my life”. which is on his mixtape Wayhi Certified vol 4.

Set List

our sets are usually 20-40 minutes long but always negoitable
we have a lot of songs so set list is subject to change according to what album we are promoting at the time .
also set list may change according to suitable content for younger audiences.

Vibe Tonight
Mic Up
Do My Thing
E Town Menace
Sundays InThe Lab
In My Life