Neverdyingsummer sounds like a mix of post grunge, experimental rock..........imagine if the smashing pumpkins dated the flaming lips while on vacation with sunny day real esate and drinking a latte with the pixies


To begin is an understatement......

Sometimes music comes from places you don’t expect; such is the case with Neverdyingsummer. Created as a thought to create a new band, but as musicians came and went, nothing would hold together for long. All the while a former band mate in a previous band started writing songs to escape the pressing times he was experiencing. Art and Mike kept up yeah, but neither knew what the other was really doing when dealing with their musical ventures.

One frail song sent over MSN, one attempt at the vocals, and one posting of an MP3 on a music site inspired the next 2 years. As the 2 were working on more songs and posting the songs in their rawest form, only for themselves if for anyone, they discovered other music listeners "got it". Those other music listeners understood what they were doing even when their so called best friends did not.

"Our whole goal was to make music that we loved, and loved to listen to, ourselves."

After having been trapped in a previous band together that was all about writing the right song with the right amount of hype. This is what felt right after all.

After writing songs for a year all the pieces fell into place. Ryan Creek joined in on drums to bring his post grunge/shoe gazer drumming to the fold. Rob Matthews fell in love with the music that was created and started to practice in some acoustic sessions the band was partaking in, and after a short stint in college is back to help further the mix of influences in the band. A late addition on keys and backup vocals is Bethany Thomas that will bring more melody and more heart.

Neverdyingsummer believes because you live only once taking chances is part of being in a band. In November of 2006, with a small van and very little promise of anything, drove the 8 hours to a small town in Iowa to play its first show. In a small Sword and Knives shop was the first time the electric version of NDS was heard to a crowd of 50 people. With only a PA for vocals and very little room to move, Neverdyingsummer started its new journey with nervous yet thrilled passion and energy.

NDS's vision is to play to anyone who is willing to listen, it could be all out distortion or mellow and acoustic it doesn’t matter.


Still In Love (Single) 2006 - Featured on Tulsa Music Compilation

Set List

Dying The Wrong Way
Like a dream on the Table
Your Empire Must Fall
Tears from her eyes
You Live to Say Goodbye
Still In Love
This Last Time (One Last Dance)

Typical Set: 35-45 Minutes