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"Never Ending Process 2-song E.P."

It never ceases to amaze me, the talent that exists in this world. After all the years that I myself played in bands, reaching for the dream, and the years that followed where I stayed on top of the music scene through music journalism and my on-air duties at various Active Rock radio stations; one would think that you’d just become numb to listening to the glut of offerings in the Rock, Metal and Punk categories. The fact is, it’s bands like NEVER ENDING PROCESS that still give me something to smile about. Here is a Niagara Falls, NY group of youngsters who sound as good as, if not better than KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and DIECAST (two bands they clearly resemble during their “sung” choruses and “screamed” verses). Why in the hell aren’t they on a label like Roadrunner Records??? Situations like this blow me the hell away, not to mention the music just floors me flat!

Here’s the breakdown; NEVER ENDING PROCESS is clearly a band that needs NOTHING else in the way of grooming. They look Metal, they sound Metal and they ooze the lifestyle by staying on the road constantly and slugging it out anywhere they can invade a stage. The two tracks that make up this release; “Disappear” and “Let It Ride” are rip-roaring and ready without a big-name producer adding his/her name to it and without any major label slapping their name on it. However, the one advantage to either of the former is that it gets you noticed a lot quicker. Kudos to the guys for choosing to keep it real and do it on their own, but I seriously hope someone will sit up and take notice as I know my review won’t even begin to do this demo any justice in getting it spread across the world like it truly deserves. While Metal fans sit at home waiting for something of this caliber to reach them, it sits like a lone duck in the pond waiting for someone to aim and fire the magic bullet that will connect and blow it up so everyone will take notice. All I can say is that I hope enough people will wake up and aim their computers over to NEVER ENDING PROCESS and order this cool two-track E.P. and check out their other tracks that, I believe, are also available in CD release as well. This one is a sure bet to win your Metal challenge.

Cheers guys, this writer is a listener for life! Very, Very Highly Recommended!!!

02 May 2009 by Bam-Bam

- Craig "bam bam" Stegall


June 2006- DWS studio
5 track EP "Be what you were born to be"

May 2007- DWS studio
5 track EP "Neither Created nor Destroyed"

February 2009- DWS studio
2 track demo untitled



To be a successful band, you need the right combination of talent, originality, chemistry, and of course luck. Lead guitarist Ron Lepine, rhythm guitarist Jason Bayne, and bassist Jeremy Bayne started with the talent and the originality. All they lacked was the complete chemistry. At the beginning of 2009, they lucked out and found singer AJ Orsi and Drummer Robert Kibler. Never Ending Process was now ready to surface with a unique sound of their own. Starting with the crushing rhythm section, soaring vocal melodies and brutal, yet at times, beautiful, guitar action,their surely on the right path. Armed with a new amazing sounding demo, Never Ending Process is back into the Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY metal scene looking to spread their name across the nation with a ferocity and intensity that the scene is in dire need of. .