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" - July 2008"

Stuck between the hard rock and the pop music worlds New York based indie band Nevereven provides plenty of hook-heavy, toe-tapping music. Nevereven is a band that seems quite comfy perching on the ledge between the rock/metal fringes and the more accessible, slightly gentler, pop rock found on today’s mainstream radio. Based on their guitar heavy riffs and catchy choruses, this NYC band is on the right track to garnering some household notoriety.
With Nevereven’s obvious creativity and talent there is little reason that this indie band can’t make it big in the mainstream musical world.
- Brian Andersen

"nevereven album review - July 2008"

It’s dangerous being Nevereven. The band’s hybrid approach risks befuddling marketing gurus and radio programmers, while their virtuosic polish guarantees that they won’t be the latest lo-fi fad to gain Pitchfork’s seal of approval. But for genuine fans of music that refuse to be swayed by commercial classifications, their sophomore release promises lasting treasures.
At various junctures in Nevereven’s songs, classic metal intersects with progressive rock, and menacing instrumental sections suggest some deathcore churner only to morph into melodic adrenapop (yeah, their music is so distinctive that reviewers need to coin phrases). Regardless of the styling, the band eschews la la lee choruses and catchy hooks in favor of dense, nearly orchestral arrangements. Meters and harmonic patterns start out in one place, but somehow subtly shift as songs progress, like a rug carefully being pulled out from underneath you. Each musician contributes to this disorienting phenomenon, but their parts are so thoughtfully integrated that only slowly does anyone’s individual brilliance leap out at you. Still, the crafty interplay of two rhythm guitars occasionally yields to a blazing solo that would make Eddie V proud, or a perversely ornate drum groove might bubble up for a few bars before dipping back beneath the surface.
This organic quality extends to Nevereven’s vocals, which are often tucked away like just another instrument. As a result, it can be easy to miss the meaning of these songs. The band’s lyrical landscape is often bleak, but it is always marked by poignant musings on human frailty and mortality: Scared to think what will become of everyone I love/Scared to see what's down below or what could be above (“Fade”). The words might not get teeny boppers bouncing on their beds, but they are the right soundtrack for brooding alone at twilight.
Sometimes you can be too smart for your own good…and that’s the dangerous thing about Nevereven. Thankfully they’re willing to stick out their necks and take that risk.

- Billy Fox

"Kilter Review - 2004"

Nevereven’s sound has a bit of an old school sound which seems to be from the days of Miracle of 86. Though, I don’t think you could really say that they’re even close to the same school of thought’…’Production-wise, everything sounds crisp and beautiful. They really captured the true sound of the band, without having that “demo-quality” sound about them, still leaving a lot to the imagination’…’Vocally, Nevereven sounds excellent. A good voice similar to that found in As Tall As Lions lays lyrics over every song. On the guitar end, there are a lot of impressive solos, and breaks, but the best part about it is that they don’t hit you over the head with them. They let you know that they can (and will) blow you away with a solo, but only when the time is right. This isn’t a vehicle for a guitarist to show off. This is rock music’…’I give these guys props for writing straight forward rock music in a musical climate that screams for pop/punk or breakdowns.” -

"Kilter Review - 2005"

Despite what music urban legend says about rock n' roll and the three chord songs it produces - coming from a musical background I can assure that it's an urban legend that holds no water. On the other hand I've been waiting a long time for a band to come along and prove that this legend holds no truth and I believe that with nevereven, my goal to prove this urban legend wrong has finally happened.
We are certainly in the presence of true musical genius. The genius is of course the group of four very talented musicians who call themselves Nevereven. Though their sound is mature, they do manage to successfully maintain an independent feel to their material - and show an independent spirit all around. I would hope that when they get signed to a major label that they keep this spirit - not selling out to a system that already exists - but creating a new system and a new sound for everyone else to try and replicate.
- Eric M. Norcross
May 28, 2005 - Norcross Enterprises

"Kilter Review - 2005"

Enter the world of Nevereven, a band of hard-rocking guitar riffs with catchy tunes and hopeful lyrics of a world of unbroken love…

You can say that Nevereven as a band is ready to take their music to a new level…

Nevereven’s music offers power pop in a straight-up rock format, but with a hopeful New York City twist, as these guys hail from a city that has quite a powerful tug of energy on its people…

-N.L. Belardes, Aug. 9, 2005
- N.L. Belardes

"Excerpt from 2005 interview"

Today’s local NYC rock scene is far from spectacular, some older local rock fans may wonder if it even exists. With nevereven, I suddenly had hope that a new and exciting music scene may be on the horizon.

I have been around my share of musicians, some whom I’ve admired, and some whom I’ve wished would never pick up an instrument again. In meeting nevereven, I have met musicians whom I admire and who I believe "get it." We all need music in our lives. And with these guys pursuing it, we do in fact have something to look forward to. It is refreshing and inspiring to know that music is being made by people who truly love it and respect it.

-Rob Janicke, 2005
- Rob Janicke

"NY Rock Street Beat Oct. '03"

"...Their sound is an amalgam of metal, classic rock, and modern punk, with a hard-rock edge. There are some smoking guitar moments, when notes fly fiercely, and a good pounding drum and bass combination throughout, with a dark edge to the songs. Pickard's vocals shift from breathy, whispery tones to anger-infused rage in a heartbeat. And yet his voice can also maintain a more melodic line, as on 'Guardian Angel'...the music is intact and solid..."
-Bill Ribas -

"nevereven - Kilter"

" a smart blending of hard rock, alternative, punk, and the lighter side of metal."
"...the delivery is true."
"...the talent of these musicians is so much better than most..."
-J-Sin -


2002 - Kilter
2007 - nevereven

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Started by singer/guitarist Gary Pickard and drummer Kenny Grohowski in 2002, the band quickly recorded their first album, Kilter. Since then, as with many bands, nevereven has been through many musical and personal transformations over the years. Throughout all of these changes, Gary and Kenny have stuck together since the beginning. Bassist Damian Peters and guitarist Frank Pascali joined the group in the following years. This new cohesive line-up offers a chemistry unprecedented in the band's history. The product of this chemistry is the evolution of their music into a new unique, dynamic sound. Unlike most bands today, all members are trained, well-versed musicians, who come together in this project to share the same dream and passion.
With unending energy at their live shows, and musicality unmatched in today's musical climate, nevereven is in a field of their own. Each member of the group has introduced their own musical influences, thus creating a unique blend of many sounds, including hard rock, metal and alternative.