Never Got Caught

Never Got Caught


Never Got Caught create an infectious blend of aggressive music with a unique soulfullness that draws you in after the first listen. Rooted in hardcore but expanded to rock and even blues, NGC provide a buffett for casual and non-causal fans of music alike, with their unforgettable live show.


Better known as the guitarist and drummer of the Boston hardcore band "Tree," Brothers Hinkley forge on with a new focus and powerful new sound that is quite the departure from their Hardcore roots. However, the new result is no less satisfying. The power, the humor, and the muscle, its all here.
Though previous writing sessions had begun as early as 2003, there was a myriad of other projects that delayed their first release. However, by 2008 that they had amassed enough material to release a full length.
"There And Back," released digitally by Wonderdrug Records, was the result of these recordings pieced together over the span of 4 years.
In September 2008 the band found its full time bassist, Paul Dallaire, and along with him found its focus and solidified lineup. Andrew Schneider(Cave In, The Unsane) agreed to produce the next full length album and they went in the studio in the winter of 2008.
The result was "Creepshow." a punishing yet fun record that promises to be everywhere by the end of the year. The album, which features a guest appearance by Neil Fallon of Clutch, is heavily laced with groove and power yet still conveys raw introspective emotion.

"NGC's songs are a radical departure from Tree's stripped-down hardcore fury. Still intact are Bryan's muscular guitar riffs and Bill's jazz-infused drum grooves, but that's where similarities end. Blues, jazz, metal, classic rock, punk, and a flair for the experimental all go into the blender to form the seductive, intoxicating, devastating cocktail that is Never Got Caught. - The Portland Phoenix

"NGC combine a fantastic mix of blues and rock that results in music reminiscent of James Gang and lyrical innuendo comparable to ZZ Top" - MCLA Magazine


There and Back LP (2008)
Creepshow LP (2009)