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For some, making music is a job, a career, an income. For others, it is a way to find and fit a larger than life persona; to live the oft chased yet rarely achieved level of Rockstar. For New Jersey based quartet NeveroddoreveN (NOOE for short) making music is nothing short of livelihood. It has become a vice for turning dreams into unquestioned passions. Just over a year removed from their infancy NOOE have found a way to rewrite the idea of poetry-in-motion. They have quickly, and not without undying effort, found the groove to make listeners move and be moved. As this foursome embarks on a path to stupefy and awe inspire the agape-mouthed masses with equal parts familiarity, freshness, and vibrancy they are quickly becoming the musical embodiment of soul.

NeveroddoreveN was jumpstarted in the Fall of 2008 after just a few short jam sessions between college friends Joe Bonasorte, the heavy metal and classic rock inspired lead guitarist, and Jared Wohl, the artistic, blues inspired vocalist and rhythm guitarist, where the two felt an unparalleled and hard-to-define chemistry. The type that seasoned musicians long for. Simply put, they fit. They set out to find the first key to the rhythm section, a bass player. After being introduced by a mutual friend, the two met the eccentric virtuoso, Justin Rudolph. He sealed his entrance into the band after playing just one note - the energy in his style, aggressive yet classic - flooring the originators and firmly pressing the third piece to a nearly completed puzzle into place. The three recorded their first EP, Outside In, in Justin’s basement before beginning the process of finding a drummer, enabling them to unleash a sound that a drummer could fall into. The right drummer. After sitting through painful auditions of a slew of drummers, the band met Kyle Gagliardi - the human clock with an unorthodox set up that turns heads - whose groove and rhythm instantly enmeshed itself with that of Justin’s. The two styles locked in technically and creatively.

With the band complete, NOOE hit the road, playing from small pubs to renowned concert venues (The Stone Pony, Sullivan Hall) including New Jersey’s Battle-of-the-Bands at Starland Ballroom. The consistent and solid performances molded the band. The key to NeveroddoreveN sits in the palindromic word play that they have been destined to define. They fit front to back and back to front. That fit is what brought them together. The cohesion. The unity. Four dreamers enmeshed in a solidified whole. Four musicians that vibe soulfully into a single entity. An entity that is exploding onto the scene with a fury of conviction and a dark, sexy funk.

Inside out, outside in, they are what they are - musicians to the core. They are governed by a youthful professionalism and a desire to create, to fit into and unto themselves. They are real. In an industry where labels maintain semblance and order, allow for young artists to be the next (insert name here), to sound exactly like so-and-so, this foursome is ready to drop a whirlwind of disarray, to take molds and reshape them, to make genres obsolete. Ask the most avid follower or an unknowing stranger listening for the first time who NOOE sounds like and all will be equally hard pressed for an answer. Yet, it is simply complex and abundantly clear. They are and will always be NeveroddoreveN.