Never Only Once

Never Only Once


“these guys come on Fugazi-like with vocals and dense intros. Then it gets more Jawbreaker kick-in-the-fuzz. But they somehow still sound kinda pop punk. Maybe brooding pop punk with attitude." (Maximum Rock’n’Roll)



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Never Only Once will be a featured artist on the upcoming SXSW/Skratch Magazine compilation. Our two singles "Shivers" & "A Sweet Redemption" will be included on 25,000 copies that will be distributed during the conference.

Never Only Once will also be a featured artist in the upcoming horror flick "Zombie Town: Population Zero". Filmed at Edgewood Studios and distributed by Artist View Entertainment, "Zombie Town" will be available in all major video stores this summer.

Our old full-length, released under the moniker The Faithfull, will soon be available nationally as Reason Y has struck up an exclusive distribution agreement with Stickfigure Distribution out of Atlanta. The deal is expected to take effect this April. In the meantime you can still order the records through us or through Reason Y.


Our Own Heroes (released in 2002 on ReasonY Records under the moniker The Faithfull)

Never Only Once (self-titled 4 song EP, recorded at Right Track Recording in NYC, 2005)

Hear tracks from our new 4 song self-titled EP at