Never Quiet Never Still

Never Quiet Never Still


Female Fronted Alternative Mood Rock Peppered with a Spray of Punk. Vocals that are Powerful/Angry amongst Moody Guitar with Flavorful Locked in Bass and Drum Grooves.


In the land of hyphenated sub genres, a sound that is unmistakably different has been brewing off the harbors of Tacoma, Washington.

Never Quiet Never Still humbly began in the heart of Lindsey Wilt who began recruiting musicians to complete the songs she'd been writing at home. One ad caught the attention of Eric Crozier, who had just rekindled his passion for the drums and was looking to start a band.

To audition, Lindsey sat in on a jam session with Eric and friend Ryan Scott. Instantly she knew that both Eric and Ryan were the obvious choice to "Rock up" her songs.

And so began the search for a bass player…

After many long practices and little response from ads placed in local news-zines, Never Quiet Never Still recorded "The Truth" EP with Ryan playing bass on all the tracks. With the quickness, they resumed their search for a bass player and almost instantly they found the talented and charismatic Vinny Beatty at their doorstep. Vinny stemmed from a long history of Seattle bands, and dabbles in web and graphic design. It was easy to see he was the perfect fit.

With such diverse influences stemming from Sarah Mclachlan, Dead Kennedys, Spoon, & Dave Matthews; the final product is a sound remeniscent of the legendary Seattle band Hammerbox, Evanescence or a Heavier version of The Cranberries.

Without blinking an eye the fully formed Never Quiet Never Still thrust themselves onto the Tacoma and Seattle scenes. Regularly playing such historical and notorious places such as The Central Saloon and Blue Moon in Seattle along with Jazzbones in Tacoma, the revitalized Never Quiet Never Still began plotting out their next release.

Recorded in December of 2005 with the ambassador of analog, Conrad Uno. Their self-titled full length release promises to bring the intensity of their live show (which holds true to their name) into the hearts of the listener.


Self Titled LP - Recorded in December 2005 with Producer Conrad Uno at Egg Studios. The song Manic Moment has been played on the following Seattle area Radio stations: KUPS, KGRG, KZOK, Funky Monkey. Day of Regret played on KEXP.

The Truth EP - Recorded in September 2004. The song "The Truth" Played on the following Podcasts: Seattle & Beyond, Rubyfruit Radio.

Set List

Our set generally consists of 11-15 songs. The set length can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. We can accomodate longer or shorter sets upon request. All of our material is original.