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2011 Demo
1. Come & Gone
2. The Traitor's March

Neversaints (2012 EP)
Release date TBA
6 brand new songs



We've all been playing in bands around the GTA scene for years now. Alex, Liam and myself (Travis) have been playing together for almost 8 years. We used to play in a band called Cecilia Rise, then when we all went off to college we broke up. Now, even though we're all still in school, we're playing music again because of how much we missed it, and each other. Once we started back again last year, Nick and James joined the band. We're finally writing music that reflects our many different feelings. Not that we're the first "hardcore" band to accept that it's incredibly difficult to make it as a mainstream band (let alone for any type of band,) but we are aware and we're fine with that. We play solely for those who love the same type of music, and love being emotional. It may sound selfish, but we do it for ourselves too. We're really into the DIY aspect of being a band. We have made all of our own designs (shirts, websites etc.) recorded most of the songs we have on our own and created and duplicated CD's. When I say DIY, I don't mean just things like what I just mentioned, but, getting ourselves out there. We e-mail all of the promoters that book us, we get in contact with printers (shirts) etc. In short, we manage ourselves.

Some of our influences (musically) are bands like Converge, Endless Heights, Dead Swans, Misery Signals and Saints Never Surrender. Though those are bands we may be able to directly relate to, we take influence from all types of music, whether it be rock, punk, metal, jazz, pop or Latin. Everything helps us create new sounds. We also draw influence from our personal lives, meaning our family, friends and other relationships help us get inspired.

Really, we're just a group of people who honestly love playing the music we play.