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June 14, 2010 – NEW YORK, NY - Hip-Hop/Pop fusion artist Nev-G is set to establish his place alongside the giants in the music world with the debut of his new album “Da Pursuit Of Happiness” set for a Fall 2010 release. This Atlanta native is on a mission to revive the “life energy” in listeners when they hear his poignant delivery, personal lyrics and “soultronic -hip-hop infused musical style” – a self-proclaimed fusion of old school hip-hop, soul, and electronic musical production.

Drawing inspiration from his musical influences Marvin Gaye, Gil Scott Heron, Bob Dylan and Stevie Wonder, Nev G has created an album that has a universal sound accented with lyrical themes that affect the masses today from clubbing, relationships, and social issues delivered in a positive way that creates the perfect soundscape for Nev-G’s quest to discover and bring forth musical enlightenment. Nev-G’s goal is to bring back the “fun” to hip hop!

Nev-G will embark on a national tour in the Fall of 2010 to promote his debut release. Proceeds from the sale of his album, “Da Pursuit Of Happiness”, will benefit Music for Hope, an inspirational music based program geared toward inner city youth, as an alternative to the prevalent wave of violence amongst youth street gangs.

- C.M.E. Management Group


The new album: 'DA PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS' slated for a Fall 2010 release.

The new single: "Shawty What Yo Name Iz"



Talent. It is the innate ability one possesses to excel in a particular field. It is the root of every dream that branches out into the unknown. It is the common thread in the intricate fabric of life that reminds us we are all born with a unique gift. And still, talent is not enough. What it takes to succeed in the music industry is more than talent; it’s focus, ambition, drive and humility. These are the elements that separate the talented ones who do what they can and the talented ones who do what they must. Ever since Atlanta, Georgia native, Nev G discovered his lyrical talent at the age of 10; he has been doing what he must in order to make his dream of becoming a successful international recording artist a reality.

While residing in the hip-hop mecca known as New York City he began writing poems. His stanzas were a reflection of the everyday struggles, homelessness and challenges he experienced with his single mother coupled with his daily observations of inner-city life. It was enough to make him realize the power of his gift.

“When I was writing poetry at that age I really had a chance to get to know myself and discover the power of self-expression. I wrote about any and everything from the serious to the more light subjects. So when I put poetry to a track I was like wow I can express myself like this and get it out to the world. It just made me a lot stronger and more motivated at a younger age.”

That self-motivation continued to serve him well when at 13 he jumped into the studio and began recording. Yet, only a year later and that burning flame of passion faced one of the worst imaginable blows when Nev G was hit by a car going 55 miles per hour. The impact threw him 25 feet away and left him with two broken legs, a broken hip and fingers, 1 year in a full body cast and 5 months of physical therapy before he would ever walk again. It’s an experience that most couldn’t even begin to fathom but for Nev G it was all the motivation he needed to keep moving forward.

“There were days when I would break down and they had to send a pastor in to help me but in the end I had time to think and pray. I always knew I had a purpose. So once I fully recovered I started pushing my music even harder. I realized I had to make a change and let people know that no matter what you go through you can still be successful. For me there’s no other option but to succeed.”

The first taste of success came shortly after his rehabilitation when he independently released his debut album, I’m Here Now. The album, which was promoted through guerrilla marketing efforts went on to sell over 4,000 copies to date with support from South Carolina radio stations such as 107.3 JAMZ and HOT 98.1 and Atlanta radio stations V103 and 95.5 The Beat. Nev G even got to perform in front of thousands across the southern hip-hop scene where he developed his dynamic stage presence by opening for the likes of 50 Cent, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Nelly and many more.

Now Nev G is ready to transform all of his life’s experiences into a positive example of what talent does it when must succeed. Nev G has consciously chosen to refrain from lyrics that glorify the street life to instead focus on addressing universal experiences in a pop/hip-hop sound that combines his NYC lyrical skills with his Atlanta party music roots. It’s a combination that takes listeners back to the golden age of hip-hop’s eclectic and youthful appeal that kept it real while remaining positive and dance worthy.

“I remember when there was more fun in hip-hop. Now the lyrics and images are largely irresponsible with the messages they send out about women and violence. I’m just not comfortable promoting anything negative. I want to do music where a parent can be happy that their children are buying my album. I talk about the streets, relationships, and clubbing in a positive way with an old school hip-hop party vibe and a modern feel to the production.”

It’s a goal that sounds simple enough but as Nev G knows it’s going to take a lot more than talent to make it all happen. It’s going to take all that Nev G has inside of him and then some.
“I understand the sacrifice, hard work and dedication it takes to succeed. So this is a journey that I’m more than prepared for and more than excited to be on.” Pursuing his dream and doing all he can to honor his talents into fruition is the ultimate mission of Nev G’s life, and one that listeners from across the world will soon be able to share in too.