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"Rising Stars"

Neville Klotz always had pop posters in room but he didn't start to play guitar until he was 18. "I was into the band Counting Crows [a rock band famous for their (atypical) single 'Mr Jones'] Eventually I got to meet them and hang out with them. I keep in touch with the guitarist David Immurgluck" When he finished high school, Neville started guitar lessons. "I discovered the blues, progressed to jazz, then got interested in music theory," he says. Klotz regards jazz as the epitome of improvisation. "I love Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass for his great solo work, Russell Malone - he played for Harry Connick Jnr and Diana Krall." Born and raised in Johannesburg, Klotz got into the jazz scene in Capetown. "Bands would invite me to play at their gigs," he says "Jazz standards are an international language - you can go to Vienna and jazz players use the same songs still."

When doing his first recordings on an 8-track at home, Klotz put down guitar tracks, then went into the bathroom to do the vocal tracks. "When I switched on the light, the fan started up, so I ended up singing in the dark!" he reminisces.

The name of the band was inspired by great poetry. "I was reading T.S. Eliot's The Wasteland and came across this line about 'nymphs vanishing without a trace'. I thought that would be a good band name," says Klotz. "It's also the name of a jazz song. I checked the net, and found the name was unused. Two days after I had committed to the name, a TV show called Without a Trace was announced!" - Peter Haydon, Musician's Union Victoria

"No Need To Hurry, Neville"

What would happen if you joined Wallflowers, Dave Matthews Band and Dire Straits? The most amazing group ever created?
Well you’re wrong, just one man alone can do this…

South African born Neville Klotz is a unique artist. He writes his own lyrics as well as music. Since Neville can remember he was under the influence of music. From his brother playing piano, to all his three siblings fighting over posters of their favourite groups as children.

Back in 1994, Neville was in a CD shop when he heard Counting Crows. He was so into them that he felt he could not just listen to them, he had to play the music! Playing guitar has been Neville’s passion for about eleven years now, strumming to all music genres. When he was in South Africa, he used to teach guitar in Cape Town. As well as working in IT database managing. He achieved a BA degree in Music and English, while specialising in poetry and the history of music.

Currently Neville has taken this year off to focus more on his musical career. The previous four years he was teaching music at a Melbourne Primary School. Neville has set goals and already accomplished a lot this year. Ranking in the MP3 charts as well as his recent album release, which can be found in leading CD stores such as Sanity and JB HiFi.

Neville has already completed two albums. ‘Without a Trace – Long Into the Night” in 2003 and the recently released album, “No Need to Hurry”. His first album has a Jazz music swing, blues sound to it, containing all instrumentals including one vocal song. He found that his single vocal song was received better than any instrumental one. Hence, Neville continued to focus more on lyrical songs. His songs would be inspired by past relationships and friendships he deemed special. His soothing song, ‘All in a Memory’ relates to a previous relationship and the fond memories he reflects on.

Neville has played at many venues such as Espy St Kilda, Noise Bar, Brunswick Café, Dizzy’s, The Local in St Kilda, 161 Prahran and a regular spot at Mace & Grace Thursday evenings. Too see where he will be playing next, just search his gig guide on the website

This CD is the cure for the cold months to come. Grab your copy of ‘No Need To Hurry’, get your hot chocolate ready and cosy up to this emotional, honest and original album. - Gina Adelson, Box Hill University Melbourne

"No Need To Hurry"

"Full of the funky blues, Neville lays down smooth grooves with plenty of delta & flemmenco style lead guitar intermixed with jazz fueled fusion, and lots of kickback.

There's also alot of jamming on No Need To Hurry, but when there are vocals courtesy of Neville Klotz himself (who's also doing the fine picking on the album, and no I don't know if he's related to the Jack Klotz of WEA fame), the music takes a definite alternative feel, and the vocal timbre is similar to a whiskey worn Elvis Costello or tenored Shawn Mullins.

All In A Memory has a spanish guitar lick that goes in and out over a lounge groove and Klotz croacking what has to be a hit. On much of the album Neville and his band lay back, right on the edge of the slur. It's a genuine sign of quality. Anyone who likes great songwriting, songs, and style, will dig No Need To Hurry".
-Todd (Jambone Magazine)
- Jambone Magazine

"Review from Boston"

By: Melody Geear

When first hearing this band, one instant vocal recognition came to mind – Jakob Dylan, lead singer of The Wallflowers and son of Bob Dylan. It’s good to be compared with talented and successful musicians, but Neville has a range all their own. This raspy and old soulful sound draws you in and keeps you wanting more. Mixed with beautiful rhythmic lines and compelling lyrics, Neville is a soulful, eclectic band with a definite present and future in the music world.

Originating from South Africa , Neville Klotz formed Neville with talented musicians, Brad Ackland on bass and Peter Guidera on drums. The fusion of rock and folk that is brought by each member of the band creates a genuine combination. There is an underlying theme that runs throughout Neville’s catalog – belief that honesty can break down all barriers and truth can reveal beauty, although sometimes scarred. “Hope” shows the rawness of reality with a vocal track, voicing a compelling political and social commentary. Keeping with the same vein, “Sugar in My Veins” eludes to the same reality with a beautiful melodic sweetness. The band switches gears by cranking up the momentum on “Hide your Disappointment.” Unlike the previous two, this track is more lively and rock driven.

This band shows that you can vary your stylistic range but keep a lyrically symbiotic relationship strong.
With such influences as Dave Matthews Band, Harry Connick, Jr. and Counting Crows, one can see how this band has a great collection of artists to strive from and create a following all their own.

- North East Tune In


Without a Trace - Long Into The Night - 2003 (original Jazz music- swing/blues)

Neville - No Need To Hurry - 2004
(adult contemporary - pop/rock)

Hide Your Disappointment - Latest Single

Neville - Don't You Get It? - New Album released on 18th May 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Originally from South Africa, Neville started playing the guitar from the age of 18. He specialized in rock/blues & jazz and soon started playing with various bands on the circuit, joining them on their gigs around Cape Town. He has travelled extensively and played with bands in New Orleans, Melbourne and has met Counting Crows, Mark Knopfler, Tori Amos, Sting, Harry Connick JNR and Dave Matthews (his musical mentors).

After eventually moving to Australia, Neville played in ensembles and trios from theatre restaurants to winery’s in and around Melbourne before forming his own band.

In April 2005 Neville signed to Moonstruck Records for the release of “No Need To Hurry”, distributed by Automatic Distribution represented by A-B-A-C-A Canada. The Album is available at HMV, SANITY, JB HIFI, TOWER RECORDS, CD BABY and GASLIGHT. The Band is: Pete Guidera (Drums), Brad Ackland (Bass), and Neville Klotz (Guitar and Vocals).

Neville was the featured artist on Fox Fm’s “In The Deep End” on Sunday 3rd April and has been played and interviewed on a variety of community radio stations around Australia. The band has played at The Hard Rock Cafe, PBS Festival Of Song and many venues in and around Melbourne and Sydney. The band will be playing in London in March 2006.