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"Reverie, Emma Ballard"

Emma Ballard grew up in London with a love of music and left in 2006. She now lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia (which, considering we all have to live somewhere, is a pretty darn fine place to be). She styles herself as a New Age writer and this kind of shows up in the flavour of music she makes.

The recording is very sparse. For the most part, we hear Ballard’s voice and a guitar (it’s not clear whether she is playing the guitar as well). The tone of this recording is light, optimistic and generally happy. Ballard has been compared to Bjork and Dido.

Ballard has a pleasant, melodious voice that is very present. The production is set up so as to feature her voice front and centre on the audio stage. This is both good and bad, as her voice has a few shortcomings that, because of the production, detract from the music. There is no vibrato in her voice and this becomes a bit annoying and tedious when she is holding notes. There’s also a tendency to go a bit off-key on those held notes. Her style is to kind of slush her words together rather than enunciate them clearly.

I said that Ballard leans towards the New Age style and this manifests itself in songs that are not vastly differentiated from each other; they all tend to run together. If you’re not paying attention, you don’t notice that one has finished and another started.

None of the songs stand out as being hummable (as in “the shower”) or especially memorable. Listening to the lyrics, the listener gets the impression that Ballard is trying to be more profound than she is capable of being at this point.

Summary: There are some possiblities here, but the concept needs more work.

link to review: - Jeremiah Sutherland, Bullfrog Music


Reverie - Debut album available to buy on iTunes, emusic & Amazon MP3 (from Dec 08)



I've been singing and songwriting for the past 5 years and love it. Recently I set out to write some happy uplifting songs that I would buy myself and now I have. Mostly I try to write rich, beautiful, deep 'New age' songs. I say new age as I've always had a keen interest in metaphysics and like to write songs with a high vibration that give hope, heal or uplift.

I grew up in London with a love of great music and left in 2006. I now live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Although I've been writing a few years, the urge was there a long time before I fully acknowledged it.

I write lyrics that mean something to me (and hopefully others) with my take on our life journey. .

My material is soft rock / alternative / pop / indie. My lyrical style is soft, sweet but strong. I have been compared to: Bjork, Dido, Michelle Branch & The Corrs.

THE SONGS Think the writing style of Missy Higgins and combine that with the mellow Irish sound of the Corrs and this is what these tracks could sound like. Happy as a Hyena may get you thinking and it's cute. Best day of my life is a happy tune for skipping through the fields. Scotty Divine will cheer you up, make you sway and goof.

Getaway came from a friend who once asked me if I'd "ever thought about checking out?" No way I said, but it reminded me how many people do. My idea of getting away from it all is leaving London and going to live in Oz (It was a good move) but for others, it's a little different.

The Prophets is about how people interpret their teachings (exactly how they want to) and in a nut shell what are we doing here? If we have fears aren't they challenges we have set ourselves to overcome otherwise why would we have them?


Seeking interest from an amazing label and all opportunities to get my songs out there.