New Animal

New Animal


New Animal’s music is backed with emotion and thought; wrapped in darkness but somehow still uplifting. The music, while unique, can be compared to artists such as Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle and Staind. Behind New Animal stands four talented, friendly guys that are grateful to share their music.


New Animal is a hard rock/alt. metal band from Cortland, NY. Their sound has been loosely compared to Staind, A Perfect Circle, Chevelle and Breaking Benjamin, but it expands upon the genre by including intricate lead guitar work, and ambient guitar synth flavors. The vocals are powerful, and the lyrics deal beyond the cliche angst ridden themes of the genre. The songs convey episodes of the human experience purely and honestly, both positive and negative. All in all the four members of the band demonstrate mastery over their instruments, and along with a tight set of solid original music, this makes for a killer live show


Give It

Written By: Jonah Dalfonso

It's a miracle.
I've been waiting for it.
This time around I
won't let you slip away.

I'm overwrought.
whisper to me.

Get under the sun.
Get out of the rain,
get out from under.
Get out of the rain.

Give me your
give me your whispers
give me your mornings.
Give me
your mornings.

I could be ready for it,
I closed an open
I still apologized,
but I still believed I was right.

be broken-hearted.
Loathing your very sight.
Dismal and empty
you still said get under the sun

Give me your love,
life is
hard enough alone,
one only can fake it and fight it for so
and so far we're OK
but mostly just OK
be-littled and
broken and wanting and wanting.

Tell me you want more,
to just endure.
Oh, how I long for you to find hope.


Written By: Jonah Dalfonso

The summer, has come to a close.
You're hollow inside
and nobody knows.
From somewhere.
a feeling you know.
A whisper inside,
to smother the hope.

But, what do you want?
What are you missing?
What would you place in the void?
What about love,
what are you afraid of?
What are you thinking would change if you put up your walls?

Let no one inside?
leaves you so Hollow,
And no one knows

I don't wanna change you
wonder if I'll hurt you
won't back down
your guards for any one-

time once,
put down your hurt and trust.
Try to blame everyone...

Separate the machinations,
file of the rust. and
pull your body
from the fire wait to burn away the trust

and you were so cold
so alone,
still you chose
to leave us all


Written By: Jonah Dalfonso

I've, I've been alright.
God knows I've been better.
But I'm doing fine.
I'm living the dream.
Might even survive, if I could reach the surface,
and just breathe you in.

Thinking 'bout my future, and thinking 'bout the waste.
Thinking I was wrong,
and thinking I could change.
I'm calling in that favor.
I'm begging you don't

Don't let me fall,
Don't let me wonder
If hitting the ground will hurt at all.
Don't let me drown,
don't let me go under.
Don't leave me hanging.
Don't let me fall.

You still think I'm selfish ,
I still think you're small.
You still think I'm worthless,
well baby you were wrong.
'Cause I could think of times when you were begging me..

So much time has passed,
so much left behind.
Wish I knew what my choices would come to in time
I would get it right.
I would let it go.
I'd forgive myself and maybe,
I'd forgive you.


Growth and Decay, Full Length Album available on ITunes and streaming at

Set List

The songs on this list are in no particular order and can be played in any combination or order. Length of a set is anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half on average.

Amazing Grace (Remake)
One Spark in a Sky Full of Dead Stars
Nothing Here
Give It
How I Failed You
Growth and Decay
Hey Jude (Remake)

Currently Hey Jude and Amazing Grace are the only two covers being done live, all covers are various genres and are adapted to fit the style of the band.