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"New Art Night EP"

Lacombe is a great place to grow up. It definitely holds true to the testament that boredom spawns creativity. Who knows if the members of New Art Night were bored when they got together, but their music is anything but boring. The central Alberta quartet wrote and recorded all summer to come out with the debut release. Five songs clocking in at just under 25 minutes give listeners a range from post-wave, rock and roll, and punk rock sounds. Singer Jo-Jo Donahue has a voice that grabs you instantly with depth-charge bass lines from Trevor Jay along with solid drumming and guitar work that have you already bobbing your head halfway through the first song. The band creates some seriously strong imagery and statements such as ‘take all you want from me/rape me, take me/kick me down on my knees’, and ‘the stained glass her first husband broke/her blues eyes fill, she starts to choke.’ If you like to move your feet you can’t miss this EP. - Beatroute Magazine (Author: Trevor Bacque)


New Art Night (s/t)
Six tracks, two of which are on rotation on many various radio stations nationwide.



World War I brought on the political, economical and emotional uproar of the people of Europe; a cultural revolution began in Zurich, Switzerland in response to the growing unease of war. ‘The Cabaret Voltaire’ opened its doors in 1916 under the direction of Hugo Ball; artists from around the world fled to the Cabaret in hopes that together they could change conventional attitudes and practices in society, morality and in art.

The Cabaret Voltaire offered a program, where one night out of the week, any artist could sign up and perform their new pieces to an audience. This was known as ‘New Art Night’.

Inspired by an atmosphere of change, New Art Night created a short debut album as an introduction to their unique sound. Uniting theatrics and modern rock, New Art Night has only begun to evolve creatively; putting their own theatrical spin on song writing with character based story lines and dramatic instrumentals.

Based out of Lacombe, Alberta, New Art Night is attractively deviant from the local music scene and is committed to honing their skills to grow not only as individual artists, but as a unified band.

“Sincere and truthful musical work must have in its formation the greater variety of music; All that one hears, all that which he imagines or remembers. He does not invent—he discovers the significance of all sorts of sounds, and uses them to create an emotional source.”

-Albert Savinio, composer, circa.1900

For booking and other inquiries Contact:

Rylan Woods (403) 505-7578
Trevor Jahraus (403) 896-9724