New Art Night

New Art Night


A fresh blend of new wave rock, infused with theatrical undertones and dramatic themes.


World War I brought on the political, economical and emotional uproar of the people of Europe; a cultural revolution began in Zurich, Switzerland in response to the growing unease of war. ‘The Cabaret Voltaire’ opened its doors in 1916 under the direction of Hugo Ball; artists from around the world fled to the Cabaret in hopes that together they could change conventional attitudes and practices in society, morality and in art.

The Cabaret Voltaire offered a program, where one night out of the week, any artist could sign up and perform their new pieces to an audience. This was known as ‘New Art Night’.

Inspired by an atmosphere of change, New Art Night created a short debut album as an introduction to their unique sound. Uniting theatrics and modern rock, New Art Night has only begun to evolve creatively; putting their own theatrical spin on song writing with character based story lines and dramatic instrumentals.

Based out of Lacombe, Alberta, New Art Night is attractively deviant from the local music scene and is committed to honing their skills to grow not only as individual artists, but as a unified band.

“Sincere and truthful musical work must have in its formation the greater variety of music; All that one hears, all that which he imagines or remembers. He does not invent—he discovers the significance of all sorts of sounds, and uses them to create an emotional source.”

-Albert Savinio, composer, circa.1900

For booking and other inquiries Contact:

Rylan Woods (403) 505-7578
Trevor Jahraus (403) 896-9724



written in black

Written By: new art night

I’m walking away, taking all my shame.
I’m walking away, I’m falling away.
I’ve been a bad girl, you’ve watched me fall; I’ll watch you crawl.
I’ve been a sad girl—I’ll take it all.
These words blur on the page, these four walls make a cage.
Another season falls—I’ll take it all.
You put the gun to my head, I left a note on the bed;
“Mama’s gonna find you out!” Slap the smile off my face,
Leave nothing to trace, the soldier pulls the trigger and cries;
“Forgive me brother; I swear that it is not my fault.”
He’s crawling, he’s kneeling; “Whisper one last prayer for me”
Scream your father’s name. Breathe; One. Two. Three.
He’s falling down on one knee. “Oh but I want to.
Oh but I need to. You don’t want to?”
“Don’t look—don’t look at me like that.”
Brown eyes will tear your heart to pieces
He said; “just try and listen to me” She said; “Try a little harder!”
“One more—just one more chance to prove it.”
One chance could tear your heart to pieces
He said; “Don’t make me do this.”
I put the gun to my head, I left a letter unread.
I know you’re going to find me out, tear the guilt off my face, leave a mask in it’s place,
“Now stare in the mirror and cry; “Forgive me mother; I tried—I did the best I can”
I’m crawling. I’m kneeling. “Read one more story for me”
Sing your mama’s song. Count; One. Two. Three.
She’s bagging for one last plea.

yellow and purple

Written By: new art night

Step through this door, you know that they want more.
Walk through this crowd; you know it gets real loud.
Breathe in this haze, you’ll get lost for days, oh won’t you come back?
Look through these mirrors; you can hide all your tears.
Open up this door, you know you want more.
Step to this beat; it’s your own conceit.
Walk on this line; you know you’re wasting time.
Unlock this door, you’ll be asking for more, oh won’t you come back?
She stares with her red, red, red lips ready to go, oh she knows.
She’ll walk as you crawl on the floor to the door.
Reach for all you lack. Fall for what you stand for.
Beg if you want more. If you can’t wait longer;
Take all you want from me, rape me, take me.
Kick me down on my knees.
Hear the bells ring. Starve for one more serving.
What do you want? Who do you want?
You turn away to scream, what are we being mean?
You should have stepped outside, but you’ve already lied.
You should take back your hand, but you can’t even stand.
Oh won’t you come back? She laughed in your face, as you pulled at her lace.
Bang on this door, you know you want more.
Turn down this road, boy do what you’re told.
Stiffen up your lip; you know this won’t hurt a bit.
Break down this door; you know this can be yours. Oh won’t you come back?
Another wasted sunset spent; keeping wounds and shaking hands.
And you know nothing will mend the sting.
Another wasted sunset spent licking wounds and washing hands.
And you know nothing will mend this sting.

madame lavoie

Written By: new art night

Rock-a-bye lady, sit in your chair.
Pick at the spiders in your hair.
Don’t fall asleep; she’ll tear out your eyes.
Rock in your corner—‘till morning rise.
This air’s thick—don’t breathe. Don’t move. Don’t look at me.
My head’s sick—she stares. She waits. She calls to me.
This sweat stings—her twisted hand. Her hollowed eyes,
They watch me—don’t breathe. Don’t move. Don’t look at me.
These white lights fade; dark shadows shape your face,
And the cracks in the floor, paint peels off the doors.
Behind this red curtain you’ll hear a small voice,
Sing a small lullaby to the poison inside.
If you listen more closely—perhaps lend your ear,
You can here a soft hum to the tick of the drum.
The audience cheers as your sickness adheres,
Now, stand up take your stage. It’s your time. Break this cage.
These spotlights were meant to shine, as this storming crowd waits in line.
These white lights will blind your mind, as this chorus line falls behind.

kept inside a jewelry box

Written By: new art night

If you stood in a room painted dark like a tomb
Would you stand or would you fall?
If you looked in the eye of the one who has tried
Would you stand or would you fall?
You wiped all the dirt away; you scrubbed the charm from your face.
You scratched an itch—it scratched back.
You choke on every hug and kiss for every birthday you’ve missed.
A paper card in your place. Believe in all the white that you see,
A pretty bride to be. You learn the lines on her face.
Drink in all the light that shines; the wicked and the divine.
The shapeless always bend.
Climb up these stairs one foot at a time.
Step left, right, left—boy stay in line.
Cherry flavored lips from your neck to your spine.
Boy stay in the line.
The faded photograph your husband wore;
He always folded it in four.
The cigarettes your little brother smoked;
Her blue eyes fill, she starts to choke.
The rhymed words your first lover wrote.
You sewed the patches on his coat.
The stained glass her first husband broke.
Her blue eyes fill, she starts to choke.
If you cut off your hair and carved yourself a mask to share.
Would you turn or would you bow?
If you sang one last note and read aloud the words you wrote.
Would you walk on what you learned?
You left your little Sally behind; she’s the third in the line.
You scratched an itch. It scratched back.
You shower in cold water now. Can you remember how?
Can you look in her face? Believe in all the light that you see.
A pretty wife to be. Learn the lines under her eyes.
Swallow all the sleepless nights. The wicked and the divine.
The shapeless always bend,
Sing your sad song. Little Sally sings along.
Johnny asks what went wrong.
Sing your sweet song. Shut your mouth and be strong.
Blow the dust off when you’re gone.

shake one hand at the devil

Written By: new art night

Mother watched as you played in the rain in the streets
As the wind blows cold through the branches and
The leaves in the trees make shadows on the wall where you sleep.
Where the bed bugs bite, with a kiss good night.
As she tucks you in tight, watch your breath—
See your breath as it blurs on the window where you stare.
There’s a tear where the shadow waited there
Where you got mud on your dress when you slipped in your Sunday best.
The snaps and the cracks of leaves and the trees.
Under your feet, this is trick or treat. Don’t miss a step, don’t miss a beat.
Father always said I’d live to be and to see.
He always said I had the whole world at my feet.
Scream not once but twice at dawn it’s time to die.
Father always said that his grace would fall on me.
He always said ask for forgiveness on your knees.
My heart beats at my bones at dawn it’s to die.
Mother laughed as you pushed on the swing on the porch
As the breeze brushed warm on your cheeks
When the birds and the bees made you weak in the knees.
When you begged momma please; “Show me where you’ve been!”
With a pat on the head, lay back down in your bed
Where your dreams build the shapes of the monsters in your mind
Where you kneel and you pray for the kids to play kind
Where all of the boys and all the girls stand in line.
The lights in the hall, make a shadow and you stall.
The steps as they fall make the creaks, so you crawl
Don’t miss a step, don’t miss a beat.


New Art Night (s/t)
Six tracks, two of which are on rotation on many various radio stations nationwide.

Set List

-Pre recorded introduction
-Written In Black
-Yellow And Purple
-Madame LaVoie
-Instrumental bridge
-Kept Inside A Jewelry Box
-Shake One Hand At The Devil