Anime Girl the New Beat Poet

Anime Girl the New Beat Poet

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ExperiMental, Lyrical, Trip/Hop. Bringing back the beat poet movement with a modern twist. This is true ExperiMental..going deep underground and back up into your soul!! You're about to enter Anime Girl's world...and, you're in for one hell of a ride!


The powerful and rich tone of Anime Girl's voice mixed with her emotionally charged lyrics and catchy melodies will captivate any listener. Whether she's singing about love, societal issues, or reflecting on childhood fears thing is for will feel that she means what she's singing. Her sound appeals to all ages, male and female.

Chapter 1 ~ Soulja of Misfortune ~

Rising out of a tumultous life, but remaining strong and true to her spirit, Anime Girl rises out of her gritty past to release her angst deep underground. Wielding a sword made of pen and paper, using her verses to drive back negativity and rise above victorious. A true Soulja of Misfortune. Deep in the depths of the underground she will be mixing up a magical potion of spoken word, trip/hop, electronica, monologue, and mystical sounds.

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"Black n White Wings" ~ collaborative project by The Ventures (Anime Girl: California, G@bre Meden: New Jersey, Winterskull: Canada, & LoopWhole: Chicago) released April 2009

"VixTapes" Mixed tapes released by Producer Da Vic in February 2009

To be released summer 2009:

Anime Girls the New Beat Poet's Solo EP "Soulja of Misfortune"

and "Anime Girl Collabs Vol 1" ~ Mix Tape of collaborations featuring Anime Girl

Set List

Anime Girl the New Beat Poets live set runs up to 45 minutes. Includes vocal performance to music tracks and some solo acoustic neo-soul songs.

Also available for 45 minute solo acoustic performances as "Madeline Roa".