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After a brief but much-needed hiatus, Canadian alternative rock act Newbourne have regrouped in their hometown of Calgary, Alberta and begun recording new songs with Juno award winning producer Dave Alcock for their first album, 'Lost In Translation' aThe Beach & Sundae Sound studios.

Reluctant to announce a definitive release date for the album, singer/guitarist Chris Shoults has stated that by taking their time to draw out as many new ideas and experiences as possible, the future of the project will inevitably be much more successful.

Several tracks stay true to the band's melodic, hard rock-oriented roots such as the snarling lead guitars and shrewd, punk-ish pace of '624' and 'XTC Of Life', the sincere, heartfelt chorus of 'My Own Perfection', and the violent, raging, in-your-face melody of their newest track 'Psychoholic', which approximates a bizarre cross between Rage Against The Machine, Incubus & Filter.

So whats a fan to do? Stay patient I suppose & perhaps in the meantime take a trip to 'the other side' & discover the feelings behind the songs, explore the landscape the album was painted on. That woud kind of like hearing it right? - Western Wheel


Lost in Translation EP (5 song demo) radio has all 5 songs in rotation



In 1999 vocalist Chris Shoults began collaborating acoustically with guitarist Mike Ervin during their free time. After realizing the potential they had together they formed the short-lived project “Citopia”, which was the major blueprint for the current band. In 2000 Chris and Mike joined forces with the original bassist and drummer, forming “Newborn” and, over the following 3 years, wrote many of the songs they are still playing today.

The band had moderate success, playing several notable venues in the Calgary area and gathering a loyal fan base. A very rough demo from this period was recorded and distributed at shows and, eventually, through the bands former website. Shortly after this release, the bass player and drummer decided to pursue interests in other cities and Newborn came to an abrupt hiatus.

In 2006 Chris and Mike teamed up once again with the singular vision of reforming the band. Just before going ahead with plans to advertise and audition new members Chris stumbled upon Mike’s long-time friend Scott Pfeifer downtown Calgary. Scott was just a few months out of the now defunct band “Annalivia” and itching for a new project to be a part of. Although trained on the guitar, Scott happily assumed the duty of bassist, and in no time the band had it’s 3rd member.

Between the end of summer, 2006 to mid-winter, 2006 the trio worked very hard on focusing on a new sound, and a new direction for the project. They recorded 2 acoustic tracks that can be heard on the band’s current website and played numerous acoustic sets in both Okotoks and Calgary.

During one of their escapades at a local bar, Chris, Mike and Scott were introduced to a well-recognized drummer in the area named Olin Erickson. Without too much hesitation Olin agreed to come to a single rehearsal with the band and, after loving what they heard, the trio became a foursome.

The band was finally complete and the members began working tirelessly on old and new material. The decision was made to change the project’s name to “Newbourne”, which prevented confusing and ultimately losing old fans while still making the evolution and change in direction of the band apparent. By early spring they were playing gigs all over the urban and rural areas of Alberta. In the summer they recorded their debut EP at Sundae Sound with Juno award-winning producer Dave Alcock which contains 3 songs that can be found on the band’s website.

Newbourne has played alongside Ill Scarlett, Starewell, One 900, Out Of your Mouth, Chyshuga, The Grapes of Wrath, and countless other local acts out of Alberta. They plan to have their first album recorded by summer 2008 and are in the midst of arranging a Western Canadian tour shortly after the release.