New Country Rehab

New Country Rehab


We are an Americana band that draws heavily on Old Time themes and motifs and combines them with modern musical influences. New Country Rehab is "poised to be the next big thing in Canadian music” Tom Power, CBC Radio


New Country Rehab cuts through the clutter of watered-down musical imitations with a modern, high-voltage, alt-country sound. Combining sharp innovation and a deep respect and knowledge of timeless musical themes and motifs, New Country Rehab’s powerful music is full of love, loss, longing and joy. They are ”more Arcade Fire than Lady Antebellum…like Canada’s answer to the Avett Brothers and Mumford and Sons” Nigel Williamson, UNCUT ( Jan. 2012)

Spearheaded by lead singer and fiddle player John Showman joined by Champagne James Robertson on guitar, Ben Whiteley on double bass and Roman Tome on drums and backing vocals, the Toronto based collective is ”poised to be the next big thing in Canadian music” Tom Power, CBC Radio. Growing audiences in Canada, the U.S. And Europe are responding to New Country Rehab’s infectious love and enthusiasm for the music they are playing. The band make it, ”super accessible, not only to fans of roots/folk/country, but even to the broader, less country inclined audience” (Josef Jensen, Indie Artist Podcast)

This artistic vision and original writing has earned the respect of many critics, ”a debut that demonstrates class” ( and welcome receptions of audiences, ”…even with the deep pool of technical talent here, the focus is on maintaining a mood over all else”( Maverick magazine’s Russell Hill describes the band’s sound as ”Successfully merging the old and new in a rambunctious way”and describes the band as having”their feet planted firmly on the ground, this Canadian band has the right intentions and there is to be no stopping them.” (March 2012)

Their 2011 debut, self-titled album was received with glowing and international praise by reviewers. The group blends lyrical sensibility and musical focus to produce exceptional original songs. From the first track, Angel of Death, ”…fiddle and [vocal] harmonies take us back to the past, but modern guitars and pedals still explode into huge choruses that jump-start the songs and help the band standout” (Bryan Acker, The haunting mood of Cameo, a contemplative tale of escape and redemption, provides a beautiful contrast to the gritty tale of a gambler’s endgame, The Last Hand, a rollicking interplay of fiddle and guitar riffs underpinned by driving bass and percussion that builds relentlessly to the violent climax and denouement of the story. Not afraid to show it’s influences, New Country Rehab takes the Hank Williams, Sr. classic Ramblin’ Man, chews it up and spits it out as an eerie, dub-drenched trip through a mournful latin groove. The group reinvents Bruce Springsteen’s seminal State Trooper with police sirens and jarring, distorted hooks to imbue it with ”…a menace even the original struggles to match”Andy Fyfe, Q Magazine Jan. 2012. Recorded by Roots and Indie-Rock producer, Chris Stringer (Obijou and Timber -Timbre) NEW COUNTRY REHAB highlights the group’s original compositions and deep musical palette.
Following their end-of-May opening slot at the Horseshoe, the group goes into John Dinsmore’s studio to record their first album with Chris Stringer (of Obijou and Timber Timbre fame). Six original songs and two lesser-known Hank Williams’ songs are slated for the session and a release is in the works for October 2010. The group has also begun a Tuesday 6-8 PM residency at the Cameron House in the heart of Queen St. West. On May 18th, the group was selected “Track of the Day” on CBC Radio 3.

Formed in the winter of 2009 by bandleader, lead vocalist and fiddle player John Showman (Creaking Tree, Foggy Hogtown Boys), the members include James Robertson (Run With The Kittens, Elvis Bossa-Nova) on guitars, Ben Whiteley (Amy Millan, Ken Whiteley, Flashlight Radio) on double bass and Roman Tomé (Grindig) on a unique, hybrid drum and percussion kit as well as backing vocals. Between them, they performed at nearly every major festival in Canada from the Ottawa Blues, Montreal Jazz and Edmonton Folk to the Dawson City Music and Stan Rogers festivals. New Country Rehab was formed with the intent of providing the members with the opportunity to play their own music with a group that will garner the fanbase and accolades necessary to play as a headlining act at festivals across the country and abroad.

Anybody that sees New Country Rehab falls in love with the band because the deep that the bring to their music and their live show. The song-writing and arranging is highly developed yet totally accessible and their live show is high energy yet very dynamic and engaging.

New Country Rehab begins recording their new record starting Oct 1st 2012



Written By: Lyrics John Showman Music New Country Rehab


Somewhere in the night, she’s runnin’ for the border
With an agate cameo, hidden deep inside her pack
Imagining the days, when another made her own run
Through the mountains to the border, with an army at her back

And these lives form a line
The ties are stronger than time
Buried deep in her mind

She met him in a camp, right beside the border
But so many years have passed, now there’s just a cameo
Grandaughter’s grown up, on this side of the border
In a prison, spirit broken, this is not her Romeo

And the days drift on by
A lazy sun through the sky
Reconnect By and By

And these moments define, what you hold in your mind
And your perception of time
It moves painfully slowly, when you’re not quite whole
And you’ve nowhere to go
Ghosts and Cameos

Somewhere in the dawn, she’s lying at the border
He never made it to the phone, so they had to let her go
Free from tyranny, that lies just across the border
Gently holds the cameo, now the two of them are home

And the days drift on by
A lazy sun through the sky
You’ve got to make up your mind
And find a reason why

And these moments define…

Angel of Death

Written By: Lyrics: John Showman Music: James Robertson, John Showman, Roman Tome, Ben Whiteley

Angel of Death

All you children of men, nobody aside,
March on to your graves, with death at your side
Like a voice on the wind, she will call out your name
Setting your spirit free, and your body to flame

When the Angel of death comes to take you away
Will you tremble with fear, or will you calmly say,
That your heart is at ease, as you take your last breath,
And travel in peace with the Angel of Death

With the sun sinking low, as the twilight descends,
You’ll say your farewell, to the best of your friends
Is your soul at ease, as you take your last breath
Will you join her in peace, the angel of death

When the Angel of death comes to take you away
Will you tremble with fear, or will you calmly say,
That your heart is at ease, as you take your last breath,
And travel in peace with the Angel of Death
The Angel of Death – John Showman

Some will cry out in fear, and lament what they’ve done,
Others wait out in peace their last days in the sun,
Humble souls will take hope, in God’s mercy on high,
They all walk the same path, when it’s their time to die

He will take everyone, the strong and the weak,
The rich and the poor, the proud and the meek
All the things of this world, and your very last breath,
Will turn to dust as you bow down to the Angel of Death

Your days have come down, your time it is through
A shadow moves in the night, that descends upon you,
A cold voice on the wind, heralds your dying day
Black fingers of death, will take your body away

As your soul starts to burn, the only choice left to you
Is to stand with no doubt and hold on to what’s true,
Keep love in your heart, until your very last breath,
And get ready to bow down to the Angel of Death

If you work for the

Voice on the wind

Hurtling through the black night, without a star in the sky
The rain comes down in waves

She will never come back

Why do you feel so alive, when you just want to die

Tommy worked for the man, did what he was told
These were terrible things, nearly made him old
Waking up in a graveyard, of other people’s dreamsHis name was spoken in fear, by the strong and the bold
He was a ruthless machine, But they pushed him too far
Sometimes the best things in life, are born of the worstNow you know how it feels, to be left out to die
She never told you thing, never said goodbye
Now you scream down the road, in the dark pouring rain
And swear you will never, ever love again
Here’s what I heard Johnny say

They said they’d leave me alone, let me live out my days,
If I kept to myself what I’d done for my pay,
But they can all go to hell, that’s a game I won’t play
Truth will be my companion on this lonely way

The sweet bite of despair, And the tarmac gleams, like a vision of gold
And the green of the fields, never shone out so bold
Through the steam of your tears, you can’t help wonder why
How can you feel so alive, when you just want to die

Did you know that it would take you all day
Did you really want to have to go to stay
I heard you sighing that you had a tough day
You tried to tell me that your feeling okay
I want to think that I could be there today
But I know


New Country Rehab (Jan 11,2011)

Set List

We can play 3 45min sets no problem.

Set 1:

Bucket's Got A hole
Alone and Forsaken
Old-Time Train 45
Honky Tonkin'
Log Train
Falling Down

Set 2:

State Trooper
Mind Your Own Business
Don;t Take Your Guns
Logan County Blues
Cool Water
Ramblin' Man
Angel Of Death
25 minutes To go