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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
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"New County, Self-titled EP"


New County’s upcoming EP is scheduled to be released on July 12, 2011. The self-titled EP will feature their previously released single, “Open Up To Me.”


What I love about New County is that they take rock/alternative music and infuse some pop and soul into their songs. They use just the right amount of bubblegum pop to get me dancing but it’s still a rock group nonetheless.

The EP starts off with “Open Up To Me,” which was my favorite song for the longest time. Lead singer, Tony Rodini’s voice is captivationg in the song; it’s almost boy-bandish like Justin Timberlake’s, but you can take it seriously because the lyrics are well-written. The song idea is fresh and the instrumentals just add to the freshness. In fact, the guitar riff at the beginning is what got me hooked.

The next song is “She Can’t Keep Away” (formerly “More Into Me), which reaffirms New County’s modern boy band status. The chorus has this cutesy harmony going that makes you want to sing along. My NSYNC-obsessed self kept hitting replay for this song because it was fun, upbeat, and just iPod-worthy.

The third track is “Go,” which slows down to a pop-punk/R&B song. The beat is slower than the previous songs but it’s still catchy. I may have said earlier that it’s reminiscent of Mike Posner’s “Please Don’t Go,” (read review) but with a different message, but now my mind has changed. Now when I listen to this, it’s a song all on its own. It’s the typical slow breakup song on a boy band album, but it’s still really good. I love that the guys aren’t afraid to risk sissy status with the heartfelt and emotional lyrics along with the slow jams-type instrumentals. Though Rodini deserves mad props for the deeper, NLT-like vocals.

New County recruits indie songstress, Bekah White for their song, “It’s A Shame.” “It’s a Shame” picks up the tempo in a song about mixed emotions. It starts off sounding like a pretty piano ballad, then boom–listeners are hit with this upbeat sound. It’s confusing, just like the emotions the lyrics suggest. Plus, Bekah White’s voice adds the perfect complement to Rodini’s voice.

“Same Side” ends the EP and basically solidifies New County as a sweet rock-boy-band. The vocals are cute, yet sick (cool sick). The beat is amazing and the lyrics are sugar coma-inducing.

We could be on the same side, same side

But we’re apart and I’m dying, I’m dying

Well take me back to the start, to the start

I knew I was trying, trying

Let’s take it back to the start

I remember when I held you close to my heart

It’s hard to see somebody become a stranger

But now you’re just playing that part.

We could be on the same side, same side

But we’re apart and I’m dying, I’m dying

Well take me back to the start, to the start

I knew I was trying, trying…

This whole EP is not enough. The band is too awesome and the songs just prove that they have great potential. I hate to call them a boy band because of the lame stigma, but it’s kind of what they are. But I will say that the only difference between them and a regular boy band is that they play their own instruments and you can’t really picture them doing weird synchronized dance moves on stage.

I see big things for this band, and teenyboppers and rock-lovers alike would be able to dig this album. - Truth Or Sarah

"Album Review: New County - New County"

Made up of former members of The Goodnight Anthem and The Right Coast, New County's self-titled EP is straight up collection of powerpop numbers. Tracks like 'Open Up To Me' and 'She Can't Keep Away' are slickly produced with a high tempo and feel-good vibe that is ideal for a fun summers day. Both tracks more or less set the pace for the rest of the EP.

'Go' is a mellow pop/R&B ballad that fits the band style but isn't for everyones taste. 'It's A Shame' is another slice of well-produced pop track with quirky electro parts and female vocals yet you can't help but feel its a bit over done. Whilst the closing track, 'Same Side' is a breezy powerpop track that somehow keeps a decent level of consistency.

For many, New County may sound too produced and far too pop for their own good. It's something that spoils this EP, as there are some good pop songs on here. In addition the Philadelphia group showcase strong vocals throughout and have accessible songs that will win over a young pop fanbase. - Alter The Press

"New County's Self-Titled EP"

Fans of Blink-182, Lady Gaga, and The Summer Set, New County has found their place with their own sound. In their new self-titled EP, New County has rebounded from old members and old namess to bring forth a killer new sound. And with such scattered artists with who they’ve grown their music, this band refuses to be constricted with in pop culture and have dabbled in soul and especially rock and alternative. It’s just their start, but already they feel limitless.

You want to know the problem the fans have with this EP? Five songs just aren’t enough.

They are on a roll with this recently released EP and they’re headed on tour in just a few weeks with Phone Calls From Home and Move Out West. Apparently, that’s not enough and they’ll be playing a few extra numbers with Like The Stars and Somersault Sunday. These guys are everywhere and care for their fans as well, always open to chat with them. These guys are definitely dedicated to sharing their original music and lyrics with the world and they’re ready to take us on.

Are we even ready?

The lyrics are so relatable and perfect, they fit for every human being throughout life. They have a strong pop vibe in the background of their sound, keeping up our energy with the power behind the lyrics and guitars.

For example, “She Can’t Keep Away” carries an incredible vibe that can take fans back to the 90’s although we won’t forget that these boys are a modern boy band. Formerly titled “Move Into Me,” this song is so much fun and for sure one to keep on anyone’s ipod.

“It’s A Shame” is another one of their songs, one where they included indie artist Bekah White. This song begins almost like a piano techno ballad, but just you wait because the chorus pumps it up into a song about mixed emotions. These lyrics are so easily applicable in situations that other teens face today and tomorrow. The rest of the songs on their album are just as original, creative, and pumped with emotion and power.

Lyrically and musically talented, New County is off to a great start. Just as well, these guys are completely dedicated to achieving their dreams and it doesn’t look like they’re about. With this new EP and as they head off on tour this following month, their fan base is sure to double. Don’t miss out on these great guys. - Melodic Soundwaves

"Self Titled EP Review"

>>New County will release their new Self Titled EP on July 12th. Based on their previous release, 2010's Lives We Lead, this new EP is definitely something to look forward to.
For fans of: Big Time Rush, The Summer Set, The Cab

>> The EP starts out strong with "Open Up To Me." This song just screams summer - it's fun, upbeat, and a great addition to any party playlist. "She Can't Keep Away" sounds like something you would hear from The Cab. It's catchy, and the vocals are virtually flawless, especially towards the end of the track. The band slows things down a bit with "Go," but this song is far from boring. New County takes this opportunity to embrace the fact that they are a boy band, and in doing so create the most emotionally charged track on the EP. It's somewhat reminiscent of Big Time Rush, but with a kick of something only New County could create.

>> The band begins to pick up the tempo with "It's A Shame" featuring Rebekah White. (You can view the lyric video for the song here.) The piano and female vocals in the beginning of this song help to accent the obvious passion and feeling that went into writing it. The energy picks up almost immediately, making it likely to get stuck in your head. "Same Side" is by far the sweetest song on this EP. Making this song the last track was a wonderful decision because once it's over, you'll want to listen to the whole thing again and again.

>> With this EP, New County successfully redefine the term boy band. They manage to provide everything you could ever want from a pop album while also maintaining a sound that is purely New County. Overall, this EP is something the band should be proud of, and something listeners will want to have on repeat. - The Music Obsession


"Self-Titled" EP - July 12, 2011 (independent release)

TBA EP - 2012 (TBA release)



New County is the musical outlet for singer/songwriter Tony Rodini. Started as a pop-punk band titled The Goodnight Anthem, recording and touring became a necessity to the young artist as their CD, "Nights To Know You", landed them tours w/ Valencia (Hopeless Records), Sparks The Rescue (Fearless Records), and more while also gaining them attention from multiple labels. Shortly after, Tony felt the need to take the music another direction, leaving the band's punk influences behind. Finally with a clear musical sound, New County was born and began to evolve from pop-rock to a unique blend of dance/electronica pop compared to the likes of Katy Perry and Usher. New County now is pushing this fresh noise to the masses and gaining much praise for the progressive maturity. It's only a matter of time before the college crowd is hooked then...the world.