New Day Dawning

New Day Dawning


We (as a rock band) get a real kick out of seeing people enjoy our music! While not purposefully writing our songs to evangelise, we hope and intend to allow our faith to come through in the songs we write. With our music, we aim to forge our own sound. Challenging, yes; but very fulfilling!


New Day Dawning started to come together back in March 2009, when keyboardist Adam Dawson’s folk covers project (Off-Kilter) went the way of the dinosaurs and he and former member Matthew Paul wanted to continue with their dream of being in a band. After attending a dance & drama performance, they got chatting with a couple of other chaps - Jasher Simmons and Sam Spackman - who were themselves interested in the idea of starting a band. Being short a drummer, Sam recommended his friend David Hubble; and so along with former Off-Kilter pianist Joseph Janiszewski, a new collective of musicians was assembled. Over the next year, Joseph left and Matthew departed to begin a dairy farming cadetship up near Warkworth, so we were short a couple of band members. It was just before Matthew left that we finally decided on a name for our project: Pentomuse. Unfortunately, comments were passed that it was too similar to Muse, so we eventually settled on New Day Dawning.

Fast-forwarding to September 2010, we welcomed David van Heeswyck as our new rhythm guitarist. It wasn’t long before it was discovered that David had a unique singing voice, which triggered a unanimous decision to make him the band’s new lead singer instead of Adam. Following that decision, Adam moved to providing synths and backup vocals, as well as continuing to be the primary songwriter for the band.

The band was formed to allow us to make use our talent for music and increase in skill. Also, it’s a way for us to use the music we make to bring hope to those who have none, through our songs and our passion for our Faith. If we can help people to understand that, if even a little bit, then we’ve done something worthwhile. To be sure, we also have a lot of fun while doing it!