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Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Los Angeles, CA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Pop R&B




"New District puts a pop spin on a childhood classic song"

Leave it to New District to take a beloved childhood nursery rhyme and turn it into a pop hit! The boy band whose members include Jaden Bojsen, Devin Dressman, Sean Cavaliere and Dylan Rey, have become synonymous with putting their spin on covers such as "Hotline Bling" and "Earned It" on YouTube. Their covers and their original music all feature infectious harmonies that fuse soul and pop together.

So when the boy band came into our NYC offices, we had to see them in action. Our challenge to them: to reinvent the classic song "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." (Spoiler alert, they absolutely nailed it).

We recently sat down with the group to talk about their musical influences, their latest single "Closer" and more! And of course, don't forget to watch the video below of their incredible pop-infused rendition of your favorite nursery rhyme.

And if you want even more New District news, head over to at 6 p.m. ET to see more exclusive features, including the group on their biggest fans.

What is you creative music process like?
Devin: Typically songs will be brought to us and us putting our spin on it will happen when we go into to record. So "Closer" was written by Emile Ghantous and the process of that was really cool. It was the first song we recorded where someone let us put our own style on it. Most times producers want you to be a demo singer, but Emile really gave us the freedom to explore.

Dylan: It was the first song we recorded that when we played it back thought, "Wow! This is really cool!" I really appreciate Emile for letting us do that. All producers have their way of working, but he's been encouraging to let us put our own style on his lyrics.

How has social media changed how you operate as musicians?
Sean: Six years ago, everyone was on YouTube. But now there's so many platforms. So now you really have to be active on social media to reach your followers.

Dylan: There's a difference between followers and fans. But our end goal is to turn our followers into fans.

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"The Next Big Thing with New District" - 102.5 WIOG

"Kiis FM Next up artist of the week"

WHO: Our Next Up Artist of the Week is New District!

WHY: This boy group has been together less than a year and they're already making waves in pop music. Their first single "Closer" is a fresh take on the 90s pop stylings millions of people grew up loving.

Check out New District's "Closer" on iTunes!

FUN FACT: The guys didn't meet until the day before they had their first group photo shoot!

SOUNDS LIKE: Early Backstreet Boys meet Cody Simpson!

Check out their interview with Freddy below:

Watch New District perform "Closer": - Kiis Fm

"Get to Know New District"

Looking for a new band in your life? Meet New District! Band members Dylan, Sean, Jaden, Felix and Devin are the perfect mix of talent, humor and charm, and they invited us to an exclusive rehearsal where we got to watch them prep for upcoming performances. We got the scoop on their music, including details about how they ended up together, future plans for the group and even a behind-the-scenes look at the music video for their single “Closer.” We also got to know the guys themselves—including their likes, quirks and ideal first dates. We know the guys are going to go far as they bring a modern twist to the 90’s dancing boy band style! This is just the beginning for these hotties, and we are already on the #Districter band wagon. Come on and join us! - Justine Magazine

"New District: Diese Band musst Du kennen!"

Kennst Du schon New District? Die fünf Jungs, die von Mark Dollar, Jay Khan und Oleg Shmelev (für gemanagt werden, sind DIE Newcomer überhaupt und warten nur darauf, endlich die Charts zu stürmen. Und das dürfte ihnen mehr als leicht fallen, denn Jaden (15, Deutschland), Dylan (16, USA), Devin (18, USA), Felix (17, Düsseldorf) und Sean (15, USA) sehen nicht nur einfach mega gut aus, sie haben auch eine ganze menge Talent!

Bei ihren Stimmen schmelzen wir dahin! Bald veröffentlichen sie ihre erste eigene Single, auf die wir uns schon unglaublich freuen! Bis es so weit ist, solltest Du Dir unbedingt dieses Cover anschauen. Im Video siehst Du die Hotties dann auch gleich alle einmal komplett!

Viel Spaß mit "Stitches" (Shawn Mendes) von New District! - Bravo

"New District – Closer music video"

New District is bringing the ’90s sounds of ‘N Sync and Backstreet Boys back in style. The band consists of Jaden Bojsen, Devin Dressman, Sean Cavaliere and Dylan Rey.

Raging all over Radio Disney, the boys new single is also featured on Spotify Fresh Finds in their new artist program. The boy band’s video for their new single, “Closer” was produced by Grammy nominated Producer Emile Ghantous (Pitbull, JoJo, Prince Royce). Check it out below. - The celebrity cafe

"Debbie's "On The Verge" with The Guys from New District"

What a blast talking with New District!
Such enthusiasm and great music from these guys. They've been together for less than a year, but already have a cool single out, "Closer," and an EP being released at the end of May. We talked about what they really enjoy, meeting their fans, and how they all have a passion for music, and are realizing their dream of being able to perform!

New District2New District is a pop boy band based in Los Angeles, CA, featuring 5 multi-talented singers and dancers. Formed by ISINA and signed with the record label, ISINA
Records. ISINA chose each member under the Artist Development Program. Members of New District are the following:
Dylan Rey, Devin Dressman, Sean Cavaliere, Jaden Bojsen, and Felix Biernat.
New District5Dylan Rey, 16, is from Dallas, Texas, he sings, dances and plays piano and guitar.
Devin Dressman, 18, is from Brooklyn, New York, he sings, dances, plays piano and writes music.
Sean Cavaliere, 16, is from Boca Raton, Florida, he sings and dances.
Jaden Bojsen, 15, is from Hamburg, Germany, he sings and dances.
Felix Biernat, 17, is from Thailand, and he sings and dances.

New District was featured in Bravo, the largest teen magazine in Germany, and was released December 9, 2015, they have received international social media attention from this region. The band’s first single was released in the United States and Canada on December 14, 2015. Expected to release their album in 2016.

New District4 New District on Social Media:
Instagram: - Magic 983



If you’ve been feeling bummed about One Direction’s break, we have the *perfect* thing to take your mind off of it — a new group of super cute and mega talented boys! Up and coming boy band New District is basically your new obsession. We’ve got major heart eyes for Dylan, Felix, Devin, Jaden and Sean. And just when we thought we couldn’t possibly freak out any harder, New District invited us to come behind the scenes to watch their music video shoot for their new single “Closer!”

The ND boys revealed major music secrets to us that brought our obsession with them to an all-time high. We’re completely infatuated with their song “Closer,” so naturally we had to ask the guys all about it! They spilled everything from how they came up with the *awesome* video concept, to how they all met to form the band. Don’t say we didn’t warn you that they’d become your new faves.

How cool does their new video look?! We’re majorly impressed by their hoverboard skills. This is legit already our new favorite music video.

Popmaniacs — what’s YOUR favorite part of our BTS look at New District’s “Closer” video shoot?! Let us know in the comments! - Pop mania

"Exclusive: Get to know New District"

With comparisons to One Direction, Five Seconds Of Summer, and the almighty *NSYNC, New District is being hailed as thee boy-band-to-watch and rightfully so. Since the release of their debut single, “Closer,” (produced by the Grammy -nominated Emile Ghantous) New District has been featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, partnered with Coca Cola, and was KiisFM’s Next Up Artist of the Week. They have the charm and they certainly have the talent. The video for “Closer” has nearly two million views, since February. Not bad for a debut! Their first EP,executively produced by Randy Jackson, is set to release by the end of the summer, but who are they?

Recently, the band even took their talents to the Summer Smash in Pennsylvania, where they performed along side Fifth Harmony and Troye Sivan! Before the show, I was able to catch up with Dylan, Devin, Jaden, and Sean of NewDistrict and ask a few questions.


How did you all come together?

New District: We applied to a talent source company online called ISINA. We applied as individuals, but ISINA put us together and thought ‘Wow. These guys could make a great band.’ They put us through two eight-week boot camps and we became New District! We’ve been a band for about eleven months now, but we went public around the end of November and released ‘Closer.’

Did you know each other before applying to ISINA?

ND: No, none of us knew each other.

That’s similar to how Fifth Harmony formed! How does it feel to be sharing a stage with them tonight?

ND: It’s a crazy feeling! We always watch their videos on YouTube. They’re an amazing band.

Dylan: I’m super excited. I’ve been watching them since X Factor, so exciting! I went to one of their first concerts in Boston. So, to be here is pretty awesome.

Favorite Fifth Harmony song?

ND: WORK WORK WORK! (“Work From Home”)

Tell us about the first time you met Fifth Harmony.

Devin: We were at an event and saw them there. Our publicist works with Normani, so we got to talk to them and Dinah gave me her number, and then didn’t text me back! I know they’re busy, so there are no hard feelings or anything. It would be cool though if she hit me up, so we’ll see!

What has been the coolest moment of your career so far?

ND: I think this, today. We also had a show last week in Syracuse that was really cool. There was a huge turnout, which we weren’t expecting because we’ve never been to Syracuse or the East Coast. Seeing all those people come and want to see us and sign autographs was really awesome. We’re [also] nominated for a Teen Choice Award!

Congratulations! Was that your first nomination together?

ND: Yes! First nomination, so we’re pretty excited.

Have you had any cool fan encounters yet?

ND: We arrived in the Syracuse airport and one of fans were waiting for us at the gate with balloons for Devin’s birthday. Later that night, we went to eat dinner and a fan like showed up and was like ‘New District! I want to take a picture with you!’ It was amazing. It’s also kind of weird, because it’s new to us, but it’s really amazing.

What was it like shooting the music video for your first single, ‘Closer’?

ND: It was so much fun. We were on our hover boards, which took forever to get the choreography for. When we went to go actually shoot it in the studio, it was crazy. There were cranes and big camera. We never had that as a band, so it was a big moment. It took all day to shoot, but we had a blast.

We got like twelve hover boards out of it! They like die, but we needed to keep filming. Some of them are broken now though. - Populove


Still working on that hot first release.



Up-and-coming band New District is currently nominated for a TEEN CHOICE AWARD for “Choice Music, Next Big Thing.” The band features four talented guys who bring a modern twist to the classic 90’s boy band style. The band consists of Jaden Bojsen, Devin Dressman, Sean Cavaliere and Dylan Rey. The boys are currently being played on Top 40 in major markets (LA, NYC, MIAMI, CHICAGO) around the country and recently performed at the KIIS FM station in LA as part of the ARTIST NEXT PROGRAM. The music video for their new single, “Closer”, produced by Grammy nominated Producer Emile Ghantous (Pitbull, JoJo, Prince Royce), has gained over one million views on Facebook in less than a month, and with the current momentum behind them, they are sure to keep tugging at the heart strings of their fans. The single is currently the #1 requested new single for Radio Disney Mailbag and is also featured on SPOTIFY FRESH FINDS in their new artist program. Instagram: 653K