New Fusion Assembly

New Fusion Assembly


The New Fusion Assembly is an instrumental ensemble that blends jazz, funk and progressive rock into a unique style. Their music mutates from placid beauty to extreme intensity. Each member is a virtuoso, yet strives to build a collective sound where the sum is greater than it’s parts.


Fusion , a noun, is :

1: the process of melting or melting together.
2: a merging by or as if by melting.
3: the union of atomic nuclei to form heavier nuclei
with the release of huge quantities of energy.

The New Fusion Assembly
follows these rules by combining elements from diverse musical styles and building on the concepts of the fusion pioneers.
The New Fusion Assembly has released a sound that is exclusively its own.
Abstract, Avant-Garde, sometimes absurd.
Theirs is a music that possesses intelligence, intensity and beauty.

At the nucleus of The New Fusion Assembly is :
Bryan Betts (guitar/guitar synthesizers)
Jake Watson (drums and percussions)
In addition to Bryan and Jake, a host of other musicians such as :
Stephen Kurtz (bass),
Matt Rishaw (guitar/effects/devices),
Matt Emkey (keyboards),
Joseph Stengel (bass),
DJ Meeshu (grooves) and
DJ Dutty Boomba (beats)
Will work with The New Fusion Assembly in various configurations to provide a uniquely wide spectrum of sounds and styles.


Connect, debut EP

Set List

It Varies from Gig to Gig
from Standard Jazz to Fusion to Funk to Progresive Rock.