NewGrime is a group that involves three unique artists (Triumph, Warz & Simba Boy) who pride in their own style of music.

Our age base is between 19 to 21.

We have performed at open mic events based in our hometown Luton and recieved a positive crowd reaction.

We have been played on local radio stations such as Diverse FM, Jamrock FM, London underground based 'Nasty FM' and BBC Three Counties Radio.


Triumph - Mental Image EP (2011)

Triumph - Lost In Control EP (2011)

Warz - WarZone EP (2011)

Warz - Recognize Real EP (2011)

NewGrime - Next Generationz EP (Coming soon - 2013)

Set List

Tracklisting -

1. Be Strong
2. Stress On My Mind
3. Something Has To Give
4. Untitled
5. Untitled