The New Groove Orchestra

The New Groove Orchestra


When a synthesis of sounds serves to send your senses swerving and curving through intradimensional perceptual conceptions far funkier than anything yet imagined…you may just have entered the world of the New Groove Orchestra...


Beginning as a jam in the cramped basement of Mcgill University`s Douglas hall, the New Groove Orchestra has grown to be a full-force Funknomenon: in the past two years they`ve been playing popular venues all over Montreal, Toronto, Vermont, and New York as well as releasing their first album: ìllharmonic.

Its just nine young musicians trying to bring you the old school sound of funk and r&b with modern hip-hop vibes and some jazziness thrown in there for flavour. Five horns make a screaming wall of sound while the rhythm section keeps the dance floor bumping. Meghan Patrick`s soulful and sexy vocals are sure to make you holler for more...that is if you`re not too astounded to speak! For the Freshest Funk straight from the vine, grab ahold of our rhythmic remedies. Administer three doses of NGO daily; for best results, apply a generous amount directly to the auditory region for ten minutes or until grooving. If unfunkiness persists or dependence occurs, consult the events page for a walk-in clinic (AKA jamtastic concert) near you!


In 2007 we released illharmonic, a full length album that has been getting great reviews and radio play.

Set List

Full Repertoire:

Pandora's Funk Trunk
Blues in Rhythm
Lady Justice
Jimmy T. Funk
Love's Fool
In On the Outside
Vitamin G
The Stuffin
Hit Me Fred
Juana Get Down
Funk Salvation
the Imitator

Vocal Covers:
Virtual Insanity
I Wish
Diggin' on James Brown
Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
I Feel Good
Play that Funky Music
Everybody's everything
Black Dog
Son of a Preacher Man
Come Together

Instrumental covers:
Roll the Tape
The Chicken
Mercy Mercy Mercy
Pass the Peas