new harmony indiana

new harmony indiana

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

New Harmony Indiana plays and eclectic mix of American styles rooted in Matt Krajewski crooning vocal style. Think Chris Isaac, or a rootsy Morrisey.


New Harmony Indiana are a trio that plays Americana music. Or maybe better stated, they play a wide variety of American music. They are the brainchild of Matt Krajewski. The three members come from a handful of Midwestern touring outfits. The likes of; the Yell Leaders (pop/rock), the Wooldridge Brothers (Americana) and Tolstoi’s Tricycle (pop/prog) These groups helped them develop an unusually diverse musical palette. When Matt decided to form his own musical project, there was no escaping musical past. He gathered together a few of his most accomplished cohorts and decided to re-write the book.

Traditional country instrumentation provides their basic musical foundation, and it’s not unusual, to hear a distorted guitar, a trad fiddle, and a 100 –year-old reed organ on the same loungy pop song. Throw in the stray banjo, lapsteel and ghostly harmonies and you might start to get the picture. What ties this all together is their love of music in it’s more pure forms.

NHI creates diverse interesting, intelligent, and aesthetically pleasing music. And it’s not the contrast between musical styles which define NHI’s sound, it is the common thread that ties it together.


The New CD, America's Physic - featuring Otis Gibbs and Sara Kozar - focus tracks - #3 It Started Raining, #6 Crystal

Their Debut CD, Parlour Music, was put together by Al Williams (Willy Porter) and Gary Tanin. The lead track, Sometimes, was featured on NPR's All Things Considered