New Heathens

New Heathens


We've got a flashy, rootsy, garage-rock sound with both country and folk flavors. Plus we've got heartfelt, descriptive lyrics. We are currently working on our sophomore effort with producer, and Steve Earle and Joan Jett guitar-slinger Eric "Roscoe" Ambel.


Rootsy, rocking and grounded in the storytelling traditions of songwriters like Bob Dylan, Warren Zevon, and bands like the Drive By Truckers and the Bottle Rockets, the New Heathens serve up 10 diverse, Roots Rock tracks on their debut album "Heathens Like Me". Taking listeners from the streets of Harlem, NYC to hard-luck Paterson, NJ, from the plains of Kansas where injustice grows like corn, to the mountains of Montana where teenagers mix pyromania with alien paranoia Heathens Like Me connects America’s coasts via blue highways with shotgun riders ranging from wasted women to Jesus Christ to Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

Heralded around the northeast for their energetic live shows the New Heathens have opened for the Samples and shared stages with Ryan Adams, Marah, Graham Parker, Old Crow Medicine Show, Jim Lauderdale, Chip Robinson (of the Backsliders) and Eric "Roscoe" Ambel (of the Yayhoos, Del-Lords and Steve Earle's Dukes)

With members hailing from Virginia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Montana and New York, the New Heathens bonded in New York City over their love of songs made when two guitars, bass and drums combine with good melodies, harmonies and lyrics.


Getaway Baby

Written By: The New Heathens

She was a right place, wrong time, bad luck, bulls-eye of a Jane
He was a heart-breakin’, skirt-chasin’, hell-raisin’, gambler of a man
She wore her sister’s short skirt with her hair curled and her cleanest kicks
He had tattoos a gold tooth a short fuse and a crucifix

It was love at first sight
After her last Bud Light
Before the bar maid pulled her aside
And said, “Honey, take my advice.”

Baby getaway

Well she moved into his trailer and about a week later something’s wrong
He got a heart shaped tattoo with another woman’s name put on his arm
And when she called him on the ink before she blinked he bashed her head right through the wall
After the neighbors called the cops who hauled him off he dialed her with his only call

She got her sis on the phone
And asked her for the loan
To bring her man back home
Her sister said, “Get gone.”


Ooh and she never sees her friends anymore
Ooh and she doesn’t want to live all alone
Yeah she thinks she’s lucky that she found herself a man at all

They had a daughter in the autumn and she grew up with a father like a storm
She heard her mother take the thunder while she hid beneath the covers all night long
And when she grew a little older daddy got bolder and her momma knew
She caught him looking at his child the way he checked out girls whose names he got tattooed

She put their clothes in a case
And wiped a tear from her baby’s face
Gave her sister a page and said
“This ain’t a safe place.”


That’s how she learned how to run…

When She's Wasted

Written By: The New Heathens


She told me to go to hell
Left to find her drinkin’ well
She’s through with me tonight
Only bottles treat her right

She came back with her breath on fire
Said that I’m her heart’s desire
Her mouth tasted like kerosene
And we loved like rabbits, velveteen

She won’t call me on the phone
Not until her blues are gone
She’s angry and she hurts inside
Drinks until her bottle’s dry
I smell the whiskey on her breath
She’s getting faded
‘Cos she hates me when she’s sober
But she loves me when she’s wasted

If she drinks she’s sweet like daquri
If not she’s a salty margarita
I do the best I can
But she says I don’t understand her

Now I’m the one who’s thinking
While she’s out there drinking
How I’m the one she blames
For her lifetime of pain


Whispering secrets to a whiskey jar
‘Cos her second home is at this bar
Saying nothing to me
Wondering which side I’m on
While she shines on
And I pine on
‘Til her wine’s all gone

When I hold her in a soft embrace
And she wears a smile upon her face
Hope this will never end
Then the morning comes again

She throws up in the kitchen sink
Wipes her mouth, pours a drink
Says its me who makes her sick
Turns away and takes a sip

She won’t call me on the phone
Not until her blues are gone
She’s angry and she hurts inside
Drinks until her bottle’s dry
I smell the whiskey on her breath
She’s getting faded
‘Cos she hates me when she’s sober
But she loves me when she’s wasted


Written By: The New Heathens

It’s hot as hell up on a Harlem rooftop
Looking down I see a street party up and down my block
Young men are doing chin-ups on a fire escape
While little girls dance to a serenade
Of a DJ at a mixing board calling out, “141!”

I moved here from the country I was 22
The white dot in the black inside a yin-yang zoo
The old men waved at me when I walked by
As they sat out on their front steps with the gospel music high
The rhythm and humidity surrounded me on 141


A boy got shot at the end of the block
Today candles, photos, handkerchiefs mark the spot
His friends all gathered near to sing his favorite songs
And they hug and cry and pray for him all night long
They hold their bottles to the sky and they drink a cheers on 141


I saw a million different stories on that New York street
With Adam Clayton to the west and Malcolm X to the east
I’d never been to heaven and I’d never been to 141


Mrs. King lived in my building more than 50 years
She’d hold my mail in her apartment if I brought her some beer
I’d buy a can down at the corner shop and bring it back to 141

Last year I moved away now home is too damn plain
Can’t meet my neighbors, hear their music, smell their barbecuing
I feel like something’s missing, I’m missing life on 141

So take me back


"Heathens Like Me"

Set List

We can play as long as three hours, mixing original music and cover tunes. Our original sets can last as long as two hours.

Original Songs:

Feelin' Lucky Again
Getaway Baby
Red, White & Blues
Doomed Generation
Goodnight Paterson
Hello Disaster
When She's Wasted
Back To Jesus
July 1, Near Helena, MT
Don't Think I Can't Stop (Just Because I Don't)
Pig Pen
27 Years
Kansas Romeo

For Cryin' Out Loud -- Keith Christopher (Yayhoos)
Abe Lincoln -- Chip Robinson (Backsliders)
Sweet Virginia -- M. Jagger, K. Richards
Let It Rock -- Chuck Berry
Ain't Livin' Long Like This -- Waylon Jennings
Tell It To Me -- Old Crow Medicine Show
Burnin' Love -- Elvis
Swingin' -- Tom Petty
She -- Gram Parsons
100 Years -- Byrds
Return of the Greivous Angel -- Gram Parsons