New Jakz

New Jakz

 Hayward, California, USA
BandHip HopPop

The New Jakz are a well diverse group that brings a different feel to hip hop by making music people can relate to. The New Jakz are the next big thing out of the Bay Area and quickly becoming a household name.


New Jakz are a group unlike any other with a unique/versatile sound that ranges from their incanting metaphors and play on words to their out of the box song topics and lyrical content. The Jakz can touch any genre and still maintain that spark and appeal. They explain, “Music is a way of life. It’s up to the artist/artists to channel that energy and emotion that people feel daily and can relate to. That’s why we give that real life on and off track.”

New Jakz consist of two members, Top and Mav. Both known for their different styles that intertwines and makes “hits”. Mav is a Rapper/Songwriter from Oakland, CA and Top, a Rapper/Songwriter/Producer from Hayward, CA.

The New Jakz have a self-titled twelve track project set to drop mid January of 2012. They do not consider it an album more as a project for the enjoyment of they’re fans.


New Jakz

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