New Jeruse

New Jeruse

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I was told it's like a breath of fresh air. My brother at my church say it's state of the art, but i call it TRUE AND LIVING HIP HOP!


Born Wade Raymond on the island of Jamaica in 1977, August 21st. He first fell inlove with the piano at the age of five. At the the age of nine "Run-DMC" introduce hip hop to Wade. Shortly after he started to write his own rhymes, surprising his peers with his newly acquired skills.

Christianity was something he was runnning from, similar to the story of Jonas. Wade finally realize God has a job for him to do. He also realize this is not just music this his salvation and the fate of others to gain salvation.

Stage name "NEW JERUSE" shorten from New Jerusalem the city from heaven that came down (Rev 3 v12). Describe Wade walk, being once corrupted then restablish by our savior Jesus Christ.

Todays music preach death, sex, lies, and hate. All these things keep our communities frozen on stupid. People today are scared to go against the grain, the blind leading the blind staight into the pit. So Wade's mission is to shine the truth on a lost and desperate generation.

It's time to wake this dead world up!!! Let God arise and the enemy will scatter.


Death before Life 2007: unreleased

Set List

To be truthful i never held a set down, just what i do at church, but i can hold 30 minuets down with no problem.